Cody Lambert – CFW / WSC Assistant GM and BioSignature Consultant 9


We are very happy to announce CFW / WSC Instructor, Cody L., is now the facility’s Assistant General Manager.  Cody has been training for the last three months in expectation of Tanner’s departure and taking over his position and responsibilities.

Cody also attended The BioSignature Modulation Certification this past weekend.  He is now your “go to” for supplement orders and BioSignature consultations.

Congratulations Cody!  We are excited about your future here.



Ron found a good use for the lift.

Overhead Squat  3r x 8s (3,1,1,0)

3 rounds for time…
20 KB Swings (24kg)
20 Sledgehammer Strikes (10lbs)

9 thoughts on “Cody Lambert – CFW / WSC Assistant GM and BioSignature Consultant

  • t.

    We are all happy to have Cody move up. He’s all business and takes pride in everything he does. He will continue to be an asset and a example. I’m very excited to have another BioSignature Practiconer on our staff. If you’ve not had a BioSig consult, consider it. A BioSig provides a “roadmap” to tuning up your health and getting lean. WIlmington has more BioSig consultants than most cities double its size and all of them (Cody, Melissa, Jrod and myself) do consults at CFW / WSC.

    We hope you are enjoying the new facility. As you will see today, we still making improvements. The ropes are up and the shower is almost finished. We did a bit of painting and are finishing up the pull up bars. The rings will have place soon and the fat bar pull up bar will be up too. We plan on laying indoor turf from end to end so we can to sprints and sled pushes and pulls inside.

    We are designating the platform above WSC the stretching and foam roller area. It will be good to have an area specifically for it. You can also do situps and other ab exercises up there.

    Let us know what you think we can do to make it even better.

  • Mere

    Good work 6:00am crew!

    Congrats Cody, I know your guidance and knowledge will lead many people on the road to great success! Tony is right, you are all business and take things seriously, which is exactly what many folks need when it comes to their health.

    Can’t wait to play on the turf!!

  • Sara Clark

    I wasn’t planning on working out today, but I can’t pass up the OHS! Also, good call on the showers!

    FYI– Our team of 19 people has the Tough Mudder race this weekend! Assuming we survive, which statistically is a certainty, I will begin recruitment for the next one as soon as I get back. If you have any questions about the race, how it goes, how much the shocking sucks, etc., come find me! Also, we have awesome T-shirts, which is enough reason to join any team/club/event.

    Better see some smiling faces in there tomorrow at 5:30am! We missed our morning crew on Monday. :-)

  • Sensei

    Sara, Which event have people been talking about for next year? There are several throughout the year within a few hour driving distance. I want to do it!



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