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  • Posted: 10/5/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on October 5, 2008

    H. L. Mencken wrote as follows about the difficulties of good men reaching national office when such campaigns must necessarily be conducted remotely: "The larger the mob, the harder the test. In small areas, before small electorates, a first-rate man occasionally fights his way through, carrying even the mob with him by force of his […]

  • Posted: 10/4/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on October 4, 2008

    Happy Birthday Dawn and Sarah! Charlie goes for a walk.  WoD:  4 rounds for time… 12 BW Front Squat  10 Weighted Pull Ups (25lbs – m / 10lbs – f)

  • Posted: 10/3/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on October 3, 2008

    "What role does exercise play in fat loss? From my experience bad nutrition will block virtually all the effects of exercise. IF the nutrition is squared away I think we see a pretty potent effect, especially if the training is smart. I get paid to train people but it’s amazing and frankly frustrating how little […]

  • Posted: 10/2/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on October 2, 2008

       JJ at CF Coastal’s hosting of FGB III on Saturday JJ is 32 today…  Happy Birthday! WOD:  This is a WoD from CF Coastal.  One day each week we’re going to post each others WoDs.  Today is that day and it looks like a fun one.  As many rounds as you can do in 20 minutes of… 1 BW deadlift 1 push […]

  • Posted: 10/1/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on October 1, 2008″>

      Welcome to CF Wilmington Nick WoD:  5 rounds for time… 15 wall ball shots   1 rope climb 15 walking lunges (15 / 15) 15 back extensions 15 push ups 15 burpees 50 flutter kicks  5 sand bag clean and jerk (80lbs / 50lbs) 15 sit ups (on floor)    A huge thank you to Will for giving an awesome seminar Saturday and […]

  • Posted: 9/30/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 30, 2008

    Happy belated Birthday to HUB   WOD:  2 rounds for time… 28 Squat Thrusters (135/95) 28 Pull ups  

  • Posted: 9/29/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 29, 2008

      FGB III at CrossFIt Coastal.  Ezekiel (top/center) and his crew ran a great fundraiser Saturday.  Thanks to everyone who came out to participate and support.  And a special thanks to all those that sponsored an athlete and donated.  The CF Coastal, CF Cape Fear, CF Stone Bay, and CF Wilmington combined total was just […]

  • Posted: 9/28/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 28, 2008

    Mindset       Why are some athletes better than others?  How can that one phenom do all those WoDs so much faster?  Why does athlete "a" get better results from CF than "b"?   How can some girls and guys post the fastest times and highest scores day in and day out?  What is it they are doing differently?  It’s simple.  […]

  • Posted: 9/27/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 27, 2008

      Mac and Jose at CF Cherry Point have a new site that you can buy their t-shirts online. CFCP is nonprofit CF.  Jose and Mack pay out of thier pockets for their CF certs and equipment to give Marines quality CF instruction.  Check them out by clicking on the link in our friends […]

  • Posted: 9/26/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 26, 2008

    We’re closed for the Powerlifting Seminar tomorrow, so there’s no WoD.  If you want to get one in, be at CrossFit Coastal at 11:45am.  We’re doing the FGB III there.  It’s a $20.00 donation to participate, or $150.00 donation to be considered for local and/or national prizes.  Or…   just show up and support all the participants and […]

  • Posted: 9/25/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 25, 2008

    Scott S., on his trip to Colorado.    WoD: For time…  20 kettlebell swings (24kg / 16kg)  20 burpees   1 rope climb  20 push ups  20 box jumps  20 wall ball shots (20 / 14)  run 100 meters  20 knees to elbows  20 deadlift (75 / 45)  20 double unders  20 reverse wall ball (20 / 14)  20 […]

  • Posted: 9/24/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 24, 2008

    Will – kb swings. "Grace" 30 reps for time… Clean and Overhead (m- 135 / f- 75)  The weight starts on the floor, the clean can be a power or squat clean. The weight can be pressed, push pressed, or jerked to overhead.  There is no requirement for separating the two movements as there is in Oly Lifting competitions […]

  • Posted: 9/23/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 23, 2008

      We still have a few slots open for the lifting seminar on Saturday, contact Andrew (info below) to secure yours… PowerLifting 101: A seminar on the competitive lifts.     Attendees will learn to improve their form and technique and reach new personal records on the deadlift, the benchpress, & the squat.     The seminar will be led by […]

  • Posted: 9/22/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 22, 2008

    So we’ve changed the look of the site a little…  hit us up on the comments and let us know what do you think? Ben at Vols vs. Gators WOD:  "Jackie" (x 2)   1000 meter row Thruster 45 lbs (50 reps) Pull-ups (30 reps)        Rest 10 minutes   1000 meter row Thruster 45 lbs […]

  • Posted: 9/21/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 21, 2008

       Congratulations to Mike, Maria, and Dan on completing thier first triathlon yesterday!  And to Tracy for knocking 8 minutes off her last race time!       Clydesdales.                                       Tracy representing!              "F*** the Zone!"  

  • Posted: 9/20/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 20, 2008

      "Weight Gazing"     You’ve seen the weight gazers on the floor. They’re the ones in the middle of a kickass Fran or a raging FGB who feel the need to pause and assess the apparatus they’ve just spent hard won reps lifting, pulling, or slamming. Why? Because they have fallen into the mental trap […]

  • Posted: 9/19/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 19, 2008

    Alan H. pulls 245lbs.  This pic is about month old…  the word is, Alan pulled 305 lbs at his school’s weightroom last week!  Don’t you wish you’d known about CrossFit at 15yrs old?  WoD:  5 rounds for time… 8 overhead lunge (m – 115 / f – 75) 4 left. 4 right 20 ghd sit ups 400m run 5 […]

  • Posted: 9/18/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 18, 2008

    Christina and Chris Gina and Jonathan   We may have enough couples to do a couples’ WoD.  Or should we do one that puts the girls vs.  their guys?  __________________________________________ WOD:  2 rounds for time run 1 mile 50 back squats (m-95lbs / f-65lbs)  

  • Posted: 9/17/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 17, 2008

      Next Saturday, 27 September is the Fight Gone Bad III fundraiser for Athlete’s for a Cure and The Wounded Warrior Project.  CrossFit Coastal ( is hosting the event in Wilmington this year.  Click on the link below for more info on participating and donating. Or contact Zeke or Hunter at Croasfit Coastal directly at […]

  • Posted: 9/16/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 16, 2008

      Brandon Gardner of CF North Carolina/ Team ROC-Raleigh will be featured on The Ultimate Fighter 8.  Congratulations to Brandon and to CFNC / Team ROC owner and Gracie BJJ Black Belt, Jason Culbreth.  Jason and his staff run a professional and effective facility as is apparent by having one of thier athletes make the cut for […]

  • Posted: 9/15/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 15, 2008

    Are you "Elite"? How about  advanced?  Check out this link from CrossFit HQ. Don’t sweat it if you’re not quite hitting the L4 numbers for the elite yet.  Or advanced for that matter.  It takes more than just a few months!  Sarah warming up with OHS. ________________________________________ WoD:  FGB   "Heavy Weight Bout" –3 rounds of […]

  • Posted: 9/14/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 14, 2008

      Having a good weekend, we hope! Don O.’s spreading of the CrossFit word has reached the top…  Chief Evangelous and his son, Tyler, receive instruction on push press from Josh E.   All of us at CFW want to thank the men and women of the WPD and New Hanover County Sherriff’s Dept for […]

  • Posted: 9/13/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 13, 2008

    Meredith – bottom to top dips. WoD: 3 rounds of shoulder press – push press – push jerk 2 sets of squat thrusters for max reps With a weight you can shoulder press for 6-8 reps and without racking or dropping the bar do shoulder presses until failure,  then push presses to failure, and then push jerks to […]

  • Posted: 9/12/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 12, 2008

                   Sometimes training isn’t fun, it’s personal responsibility.  WoD:  For completion.  Make each rep count! "L" pull up: 5 sets of max reps (25lbs / 15lbs) handstand pushups: 5 sets max reps 40 (20L/20R) one legged squats – complete all 20 L, then 20 right 50 GHD sit ups 30 ring dips  

  • Posted: 9/11/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 11, 2008”>

    Seven years ago they attacked us.  The war is not over…   less we forget. "Long is the way…   and hard, that out of hell leads to light." – Milton, Paradise Lost    WoD:  10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2 – 1 reps  of each for time… Deadlift High Pulls (135lbs – m / 75lbs – f) Push Press […]

  • Posted: 9/10/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 10, 2008

      HAPPY 23rd THOMAS!   Here’s a little b-day present for ya Bro…   don’t blame me, you’re the one that asked about the "Viking".   I just put a little extra icing on the cake for ya! WoD: 2 rounds for time…    23 sandbag clean (80 / 50) 23 ghd sit ups w/ sledge hammer held overhead (10 / […]

  • Posted: 9/9/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 9, 2008

        A lot of folks came in yesterday afternoon to do the WoD with Hamid.  We’ll miss training with you Boy!   Here’s wishing you and your boys happy hunting in the coming new year Bro.   "Be extremely subtle, to the point of formlessness.  Be mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness…  Thereby you can be […]

  • Posted: 9/8/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 8, 2008

    Possibly the only rubber plates in the sandbox! WoD: Sumo Deadlift:  5 – 5 – 4 – 4 – 3 – 3  "Cindy"  As many rounds as you can do in 20 minutes of… 5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 air squats

  • Posted: 9/7/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 7, 2008

     Alan H. FGB scores from Wednesday.  Wow! Karen(the chic from Holden Beach) and her husband, Jim, at the L1 cert at GSX and Darryl at the L1 cert at Blauer’s last weekend.       Our prayers go out to Thomas and his family. They lost a loved one this morning.  

  • Posted: 9/6/2008

    By admin | In Today's Workout | on September 6, 2008

       Little Monsters! Are you interested in getting your kid(s) better prepared for sports and well on their way to a healthy, fit lifestyle?  Contact Josh about our classes just for children. We are open WOD:  7 rounds for time… 10 deadlift (155-m / 95 – f)  5 pull ups 20 sledge swings 500 meter row