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The Dangers of Dogma

Accepting something as true simply because someone said so is a bad practice. If we did that, no one would be training in CrossFit because you can’t combine weightlifting, running, and aerobic training in an effective program. Or so the “experts” say.

Let’s be wary of acting upon everything that we hear. Always be a skeptic.



  CrossFit 20 minute AMRAP Partner WOD Partner A- 400m run Partner B- 1 Rope Climb (15) 10 Goblet Lunges (16/12) 10 Clapping Push-ups * continue triplet until A returns from run then switch roles



CrossFit “Lucky Charms” 2 rounds for time… 800m run 50 Wallball (20/14) 40 KB Swings (24/16) 30 Box Jumps (24/20) 20 Pull-ups 10 HSPU * Failure to wear green = 20 Burpee Buy-in

FB revised


CrossFit: Rest Day CFW Weightlifting 101: 6 pm

pull up


CrossFit: A1- Bench Press- 3 x 3 Tempo (3/1/0/1) *rest 90 sec A2- Weighted Chin-up -3 x 6-8 Tempo (3/1/0/1) *rest 90 sec then: 5 rounds 15 deadlifts 8 push press 30 double unders **select a weight that is tough for 8 unbroken push press. The deadlifts will be much easier […]

Matt Pull up


CrossFit: A1: Front Squat -4 x 3 Tempo (4/2/0/1) *rest 90 sec A2: Good Morning -4 x 8-10 Tempo (4/1/0/1) *rest 90 sec then: 5 rounds of… 5 Squat Clean (should be heavy) Sprint to flag pole * walk/ jog back *No time component on today’s workout. Pick a weight […]

Kiff OH


CrossFit: Partner WOD for time… – Run to Cul-de- sac w/ KB, 100 KB swings, run back – Run to Cul-de-sac w/ barbell, 100 thrusters, run back – Run to Cul-de-sac w/ Wallball, 100 1/2 moons, run back