Laura K. – Stronger Than Ever

  We first heard about CrossFit Wilmington when my husband Kiff worked with Joe Welliver a few years ago.  Kiff would constantly come home and tell me how we should give CrossFit a try. We had been Golds Gym-ers for many years but Dec of 2014 we finally decided to give […]

Joey Michael – 60 lbs down and hitting the RX

  What first brought you to CrossFit Wilmington?   The thing that brought me to CFW was of course peer pressure from my friends Brandon Hall and Robin Pascoe, and the desire to be a better, healthier me. I had contemplated going for over a year. I heard the word CrossFit […]

Clem and Audrey – Fitness at (almost) 50

Audrey and I joined CrossFit Coastal right around our 48th birthdays with no organized sports background.  We didn’t start at the ground level, we started in the basement!  After the first week, we could barely sit down or lift our arms above our heads, but we were hooked.  We had […]

Darrell – A Work in Progress

I joined Crossfit Wilmington 5 days before my 35th birthday. At that time I had gotten into a rut with my fitness and I was smoking cigarettes. I had been doing CrossFit type workouts for about a year before I joined the gym so I had an idea of what I was doing. I also thought that I was in decent shape.

My first work out at CFW showed me just how wrong I was

Nine months of “weighted” CrossFit with Mindy Nicoll

When I joined CrossFit, almost 3 years ago,  it was a big ego check for me. I have played Division I college soccer and been athletic all of my life, so when people told me it was intense, I said to myself, “Yea right, they never had to made it […]

Alison’s Transformation 6

Growing up I did not ever consider myself to be athletic. I was the dorky, home schooled, violin chick who would rather be going to orchestra camps in the summer instead of playing any kind of organized sport. Even as a young child, I can remember asking to play goalie […]

Cassie’s Story 2

When I began CrossFit in July, 2013, I was 6 weeks post-partum with my second child. My life was definitely the craziest it had ever been. I was in a weak state both mentally and physically. I knew that I had to make myself a priority again in order to […]

Cristina’s Story 4

The first rule of Crossfit is never shut up about Crossfit, right?  Well, it is hard to not give credit where credit is due.  Since joining Crossfit in the fall of 2013, I have made a significant transformation, not only on the outside, but the inside as well. My entire […]

Nichole’s Story 2

Growing up I was active for the most part. I played outside, played baseball with the boys, I was a cheerleader for a bit, joined soccer teams and ran cross country. I’ve always tried to be active and be outside but as life happened I fell off the wagon. I […]