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Experienced lifters can get injured too.  The only way to eliminate the dangers of Olympic Weightlifting entirely would be to do no reps.

High Rep Weightlifting Will Lead to Human Extinction 5

WARNING The views and opinions expressed in this article belong to Tony, CrossFit Wilmington’s owner. They mostly reflect CrossFit Wilmington’s institutional views as whole.  They are meant to provide emotionally unattached perspectives to the good, and bad, aspects of CrossFit, both at CFW and the community as a whole. While […]

brain on fire

Better Brain Function and Training Drive 1

Caffeine is America’s go to pick me up for when we are feeling drowsy.  54% of Americans drink coffee and more than half of them drink more than 3  12 oz cups of the stuff per day and over 60% say the need coffee to “feel like themselves”.  The last […]


Farewell Darcey 7

August makes 11 months for me at CrossFit Wilmington. Before I began CrossFit, I wasn’t a “work out” person. I made sporadic visits to the gym at school but never stuck to any kind of programming. So, CrossFit was intimidating to say the least. My first time in the gym, […]

The Norse God of Thunder carried Mjölnir,the hammer, in Thrudheim...  a place of might.  CFW is Wilmington's place of might and now we have our hammer.


Introducing Mjölnir, the CrossFit Wilmington test of strength and endurance. Mjölnir designed to rate strength, technique and work capacity of a well rounded, functional athlete and provide a full baseline to refer and track your progress and performance.  It will help identify your weaknesses and highlight your strengths.  It is […]

Clint H.

Clint H. 6

It’s hard to believe that I am writing this post. I want to start by giving some history of my life so to understand why this is so exciting to me.  In High School I was quite athletic.  I was recruited in football by most every major college on the […]


CFW Games Training 5

Obviously I am very proud to have a team and athletes headed to the CrossFit World Games…  again!  CFW sent its first athlete to the Games when we where still only a year old.  Dawn competed as an individual in 2009.  At the time, she was one of, if not […]

Marcie trains hard at 6:00 am daily. . . and it shows.

Marcie’s Path to the 2013 CrossFit Games 12

Hi, my name is Marcie Wells and I would like to share with you a little bit about my extraordinary crossfit journey.  I, like most cross-fitters became hooked after my first class. It didn’t matter if I knew what I was doing or not. All I knew was, this is […]