Eat to Perform?

“Eat to Perform.” That is honestly my least favorite slogan ever to hit the interwebs. The basis behind this statement is simple. Elite level athletes aren’t concerned with whether their six pack is showing. They’re concerned with putting out the greatest performance possible. Putting aside the fact, that most athletes […]


Clem and Audrey – Fitness at (almost) 50

Audrey and I joined CrossFit Coastal right around our 48th birthdays with no organized sports background.  We didn’t start at the ground level, we started in the basement!  After the first week, we could barely sit down or lift our arms above our heads, but we were hooked.  We had […]

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The Benefits of Novelty

The best training program is the one you stick with. So really, there are very few bad training programs. Given the epidemic of obesity in our country, anything that gets us up off the couch and doing something is a plus in my book. There are definitely effective ways of […]


What’s in a PR?

So what’s the big deal with PRs? For those of you unfamiliar to the term, it means personal records. PRs tie in closely with what we strive for CrossFit Wilmington. Constant improvement and bettering yourself each and every day is our goal for all of you. But why should we […]

"You can't succeed, much less win, if you take the path of least resistance.  You have to work.  If what you have is given to you, you haven't earned it.  Success can't be financed, it is payed in advance."  -t.

The 17 Laws of Success

Originally posted 25 July 2012 and again on Sept 15, 2013. Some things are timeless and always applicable.   Successful behavior is learned behavior.  My Father taught me how to work hard and to be successful at achieving my goals.  He did not ever sit me down and give me […]


The Power Of Self-Expectation

  I get “I wish I could ____” from a lot of folks on topics ranging from doing CrossFit, lifting, running, triathlons, trying out for SOF, starting a business and recently, climbing mountains. All/any of which, by the way, ARE NOT that difficult. There are only two things that can […]

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Alison’s Transformation 6

Growing up I did not ever consider myself to be athletic. I was the dorky, home schooled, violin chick who would rather be going to orchestra camps in the summer instead of playing any kind of organized sport. Even as a young child, I can remember asking to play goalie […]

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Cassie’s Story 2

When I began CrossFit in July, 2013, I was 6 weeks post-partum with my second child. My life was definitely the craziest it had ever been. I was in a weak state both mentally and physically. I knew that I had to make myself a priority again in order to […]

TAYLOR PARK, Colo. -- Soldiers from A Co., 3rd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), conduct their culmination exercise here, Jan. 22. The Green Berets from Fort Carson spent two days in the woods of the Gunnison National Forest performing team movements. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Michael R. Noggle)

There is No Shortcut to Long Distance Endurance 5

There is so much misinformation floating around on fitness and nutrition it is not difficult to see why so many people are conned into diets and exercise programs that do not work.  In contrast, there is also so much good information available, there is almost no reason to get pulled […]