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Success Drives Motivation

We need to be shown our successes to continue to be motivated to grow. That’s where we start everyone that walks in our door. We call it “bright spots” – you’ve probably heard of it if you’ve been around CFW at all in the past few months. Let’s see what you’re doing well, what your successes are right now, we’ll show you that you are doing some things right, and keep moving towards that big goal.


Why Have a Coach?

Our coaches are here every time you are. We greet you, celebrate with you, and know how to adjust your workouts if necessary.

Our coaches provide accountability, we notice when you aren’t here. We want you here as often as you can be in order to reach your goals.

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One of the most (if not THE most) important qualities in any fitness endeavor is consistency.

In fitness you won’t make significant improvements training one day per week. You need to train consistently for weeks, months, and years to make progress.

In nutrition you can’t make progress by eating healthy 2 days per week, then gorging yourself the other 5 days. It simply won’t work. You need to be consistent with the way you are fueling your body.


Joey Michael – 60 lbs down and hitting the RX

  What first brought you to CrossFit Wilmington?   The thing that brought me to CFW was of course peer pressure from my friends Brandon Hall and Robin Pascoe, and the desire to be a better, healthier me. I had contemplated going for over a year. I heard the word CrossFit […]

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Supplemental Training

Our CrossFit group programming is an optimal way to improve your overall fitness. We combine elements of strength, gymnastics, aerobic training, and mobility to generate a broad and inclusive fitness. But, we are limited to only an hour per day in classes. Sometimes you may want to do more. Since 2008 […]

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The Pursuit of Excellence

When I bought CrossFit Wilmington in December, my goal was simple: to provide the best possible, and most welcoming environment for the pursuit of fitness in the entire area. That meant a clear focus on doing the best things for the best people in the best possible way. It’s still our goal, but it did require a few changes along the way.

One of the primary focuses in my professional life is consistency. Consistency in the way I treat clients, and consistency in business practices. If we show favoritism it invalidates the service we are trying to provide. Every single member should get the same attention and respect when they walk in the door, no one is better than the next. That is something that I am proud of here at CFW.


Remember When

Remember when you were brand new to CrossFit? When you walked in the door for the and you didn’t know anyone, it was probably a bit intimidating. I bet someone went out of their way to introduce themselves to you and make you feel at ease. Now you’ve been a […]


What Makes a Good Coach

Athletes and trainees will argue on end that their coach is better than the next. Coaches will in turn argue that they or their staff are the best in the business. For one reason or another, most coaches think they are the best. Well, if everyone is the best, then […]


What’s Your Why?

When we do goal setting sessions with our new members, we start off with a simple question. Why CrossFit, why now? There is always an impetus, something that’s motivating you to do something – that’s the driving force behind your actions. It can be fitness related or not. So I […]