The Best Results in Fitness

The biggest mistake in fitness is to assume that there is only one “right way” to do things. The fitness flavor of the month is constantly changing, but one thing that is not changing is the staggering rate of obesity in the US.   Over half of our population is […]

What’s Your Why?

  What’s your why?   Motivation determines action. Why do we do what we do? There’s always a reason.   Why do we choose to wake up at 5 am to do work versus sleep in? Why do we choose to exercise after work rather than go straight home?   […]

It Never Get’s Easier

CrossFit never really gets easier. And It shouldn’t. Hard work and sweat help us to succeed. But you do get better at it. Last week I did a workout that was particularly tough. It was 21-15-9 power cleans and pull ups. It took me a little over 4 minutes to […]

Laura K. – Stronger Than Ever

  We first heard about CrossFit Wilmington when my husband Kiff worked with Joe Welliver a few years ago.  Kiff would constantly come home and tell me how we should give CrossFit a try. We had been Golds Gym-ers for many years but Dec of 2014 we finally decided to give […]

Use Your Glutes!

Your glutes are strong and powerful muscles, and you likely aren’t using them, or aren’t getting enough use out of them.   This post has come about due to my own struggles with some hip injury as well as seeing a number of the athletes complain about hip pain when […]

Hypertrophy for CrossFit

Most CrossFitters want to be stronger, and could probably stand to be stronger too. There’s only so strong you can get through traditional CrossFit programming. Most days you’ll see a strength component between 1-5 reps and a metabolic component with 90 reps or more. This is fantastic for overall fitness, […]

Why You Should Have a Coach 1

Whether we are brand new to fitness, or we’ve been around for years, we could all use a coach. While it may seem like we outgrow the need for a coach or trainer there are certain things that a coach provides that we cannot get on our own, at least […]

Excuses are Like Bellybuttons

. . . Everybody has one.  That’s how the saying goes; well I think it supposed be another body part, but let’s keep this work and family friendly.   It seems like we all have excuses for not being where we want to be.  We’re “too busy” to workout or […]

Staying Fit While Traveling

While you are traveling, it can be difficult to get in your daily workout or eat healthy. While it may not be possible to have the exact same routine that you keep at home, it’s not impossible to maintain your fitness while you’re traveling. Here are a few tips to […]