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Your Environment’s Effects on Fat Storage

Cottage Cheese and Man-Boobs.  They are not only unsightly and unattractive, they are signs of much greater health issues and an obvious manifestation of estrogen dominance in the body.  Some of the main causes may not be what you think.  In the article below, by Melissa H. Hoff DDS, outlines […]

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Vitamin D

About 30 years ago… oddly about the same time as the food pyramid was released, the sun became demonized as the cause of skin cancers.  The knee jerk reaction was for the medical community to tell everyone to stay out of the sun or wear sunblock 1 million spf. Thirty years later and […]

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Supplementation for Health Starts With the Brain

I have an interesting relationship with the amino acid L-Tryptophan.  It (and a few other restorative nutrients) helped save me frominsomnia and a world of elevated coritsol levels, adrenal fatigue, and other really crappy problems that arise when you don’t sleep.  It began a new period of my research into […]

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What Did You Have For Breakfast

What did you have for Breakfast? A poll conducted by ABC News found 31% of Americans have cold cereal for breakfast each morning. Many have toast, a bagel, a biscuit or other bread product.  40% obtained their breakfast meal from a fast food restaurant.  Of the 18-54 year olds polled, […]

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Alternatives to NSAIDs 6

Anyone remember the post where Maria Sorg and I had an excellent conversation about NSAIDs (Ibuprofen, Naproxen Sodium, Celecoxib, etc.) and how they affect inflammation?  If you don’t remember it, check it out.  Ladies may find the info there very useful. Maria and I chatted back and forth a bit (while […]