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When Did Cheating Become a Reward? – Part 1

Originally posted August 29, 2010 I’m calling BS on the cheat meal.  If you’re looking for a fitness pro to tell you it’s ok to schedule a cheat meal or day, I’m not it.  I can’t comprehend how rewarding  yourself with something bad for you is considered ok by so many fitness minded people. […]

Watching the clock at night?  There may be an easy, drug-free fix.

Side Effects Include Psychotic Reactions 1

Headache, drugged feeling, confusion, anterograde amnesia, excessive sedation, lightheadedness, delirium, nightmares,hallucinations, nervousness, agitation, and seizure.  Fatigue, arthralgia and myalgia, increased chance of infection, hepatoxicity, involuntary urination, heart palpitations, sleep apnea, respiratory depression, angioedema of the tongue, larynx, and/or throat closing, severe withdraw symptoms including: agitation, restlessness, anxiety, depression, insomnia, tremor, nausea, abdominal […]


Hypothyroidism 2

Either you are on thyroid hormone or you know ten people who are.  These days it seems doctors are handing out prescriptions by the truckload for Synthroid, Armour, Levothyroxine or one of the other thyroid drugs.  No longer is this a woman’s condition either.  More and more men are being […]


Dumb Food Labels 7

Most of us know food labels can be misleading.  But more times than not, people are just uneducated on what to look for to see the food companies’ misleading info.  So who’s fault is it?  Oddly, in this one case, I think the government (like Finland and New Zealand do) […]

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Clean Yourself Up 2

Some things are easier to change about ourselves than others.  For some, eating healthy is an ordeal.  Giving up the foods that elicit serotonin and the happy feelings associated with it can seem almost impossible to some folks.  But good news… there are some things you can do that require […]


What If He Named It Something Else? 1

What if Professor Cordain had named the Paleo Diet, not something so distinct?  What if he named it some more simple that does not conjure images in our brains of man with a club dragging his woman by the hair?  Another name might be less apt to insult the common idea that […]

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Samantha Y. 11

In November, I enlisted in the United States Navy, set to leave on May 14th, 2013. I weighed 177 pounds. When I joined I was over my weight regulation for my height (160 pounds), but because my body fat was under 30% they let it slide. Christmas happened and before […]

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Nutrition Myths You Need to Stop Believing

To many people, the subject of good nutrition is a maze of conflicting advice.  Low carb vs. high carb, low fat vs. high fat, unsaturated fat vs. saturated fat, organic vs. conventional – the list goes on.  Even the experts can’t agree on much, which leads many people to simply […]

These ladies eat Paleo and stay lean all year round.  They are also three of the most fit women in the world.

Diet Basics: A Template for Better Body Composition and Performance 17

Five years ago it was easy to explain the Paleo Diet, but somehow, in the last few years, the paleo diet, the simplest diet ever, has been complicated to almost no end.  It has frustrated me enough I have found myself almost avoiding discussing it.  The questions I get about […]