Thoughts and information related to the mental aspect of health

It Never Get’s Easier

CrossFit never really gets easier. And It shouldn’t. Hard work and sweat help us to succeed. But you do get better at it. Last week I did a workout that was particularly tough. It was 21-15-9 power cleans and pull ups. It took me a little over 4 minutes to […]

Excuses are Like Bellybuttons

. . . Everybody has one.  That’s how the saying goes; well I think it supposed be another body part, but let’s keep this work and family friendly.   It seems like we all have excuses for not being where we want to be.  We’re “too busy” to workout or […]

Staying Fit While Traveling

While you are traveling, it can be difficult to get in your daily workout or eat healthy. While it may not be possible to have the exact same routine that you keep at home, it’s not impossible to maintain your fitness while you’re traveling. Here are a few tips to […]

Why You Should Compete

If you’ve been doing CrossFit for any amount of time, I would highly encourage you to compete. You don’t have to compete in a CrossFit competition, it can be anything. Whether it’s weightlifting, an obstacle course race, a 5k, or any number of sports, take your fitness outside of the […]

Searching for Perfection

Are you searching for perfection? You won’t find it inside our gym. Not a single one of us is perfect. We’d be doing you all a disservice if we claimed to be. Whether it’s adherence to a diet plan, consistency coming to the gym, or technique on the Olympic lifts, it is […]

Fitness Can Be Fun?

Pursuit of fitness does not have to be a miserable proposition. It doesn’t have to be marked by a feelings of hunger all the time and workouts that leave you crying at the end of the session. It’s really not that serious.   Fitness can be fun. I know, sounds blasphemous to […]

What to Expect When you Start CrossFit

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and started doing CrossFit. First off congratulations! You’re now a part of a group of people who are dedicated to improving their fitness every day. You’ll be challenged and motivated more than you ever imagined, and in the end you’re going to be fitter […]


  The first step is always the hardest. Yes that’s really cliche but very true.   So what’s your first step?   Is it getting up and into the gym?   Is it changing one eating habit? Maybe subbing water for sweet tea?   Maybe it’s taking a walk each […]

How Much is Motivation Worth?

At a traditional gym, it falls on you to motivate yourself to come in 3 to 5 days per week and work towards that goal. You have to do it yourself. That works for some, but not for most. In fact, big box gyms would prefer you not to show up after your first setback. It keeps the equipment from getting worn out, and they still get to keep your money.

At CrossFit Wilmington, we provide you with the motivation to succeed. We want to know your goals and give you a plan to reach them. How much is that motivation worth? How important is it to continue to succeed?