Holiday Hours

Hey Folks!   The holidays are a time of year to rest and spend time with family. That goes for both our members and our staff.   We want you all to take some time to yourselves, rest, and relax. Most of us could use a few days away from […]

Winter 2016 Schedule

In an effort to meet the needs of our members we will be rolling out a temporary Winter 2016 -2017 schedule starting the week of December 12, 2016.   Instead of having classes at different times each day, we will have classes at the same times Monday through Friday. So […]

Where do you Spend Your Time?

You are the sum of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time. How many of us have spent time with some friends with accents and slowly pick up on and start using those accents? Whether we mean to or not, the people who surround us directly influence […]

Fit if Forward Finale

Fit it Forward Challenge Day 5:   We’ve been spreading the happy all week! Today we are going to spread fitness and the happy. Today I want you to teach a friend to squat.   Being able to sit down and stand up is one of the most important functions […]

Fit it Forward Challenge Day 4

Fit it Forward Challenge Day 4: – We’re spreading happy. Read about it here.   Today we are going to focus on the Bright Spots   Everyone is good at something, or at least working really hard on it. Taken out of context this can seem kind of silly, but really […]

Fit it Forward Challenge Day 3

 Yesterday we thanked 10 people. Today, I want you to share a book with someone. Make it a meaningful book, something you feel will impact them. Share it with 2 or 3 people if you want, but at least share with 1.   Books have a way to influence us […]

Fit it Forward Challenge Day 2

Yesterday you bought coffee for a stranger. Today it’s a bit more personal.   Today I want you to sincerely thank 10 people.   There are many people in our lives that have helped make us who we are, or those who simply make our lives easier and better. Take […]

Fit it Forward Challenge Day 1

Saturday we wrote about the Fit if Forward Challenge. Here’s your first task!   Buy a stranger a coffee. That’s it!   Feel free to remain anonymous to your newly caffeinated friend, but please let US know that you’re doing the challenge. Tag yourself in our profile picture on the […]

Fit it Forward

It’s been a great year here at CrossFit Wilmington. I am truly honored to be a part of this community of people. You all inspire me to be better every day.   We just got through Thanksgiving and are entering the holiday season. Tis the season of giving so they […]