Dumb Food Labels 7

Most of us know food labels can be misleading.  But more times than not, people are just uneducated on what to look for to see the food companies’ misleading info.  So who’s fault is it?  Oddly, in this one case, I think the government (like Finland and New Zealand do) […]


Mindset 4

Originally posted August 14, 2010 by t.  Why are some athletes better than others? How can that one phenom do all those WoDs so much faster? Why does athlete “a” get better results from CF than “b”? How can some girls and guys post the fastest times and highest scores day […]

Marksmanship training

Train For the Fight 2

Originally Posted 21 May 2011 May is National Military Appreciation Month __________________________________________________________________________________       CrossFit is functional fitness and training in all energy systems in order to be most prepared for life.  The original foundation was a CrossFit program should prepare us for the “unknown”. Military Operators have the ultimate form of training […]

wash me

Clean Yourself Up 2

Some things are easier to change about ourselves than others.  For some, eating healthy is an ordeal.  Giving up the foods that elicit serotonin and the happy feelings associated with it can seem almost impossible to some folks.  But good news… there are some things you can do that require […]


Raffle To Support CFW Team and Cookout May 18th 3

[box_content] Help support our CFW Athlete’s travels to the Mid- Atlantic Regional and CF Games in California. Traveling to CrossFit competitions can be expensive; from registrations fees, to hotels, meals and the cost of taking three days off work, our competitors have to pay all out of pocket.  To help […]


What If He Named It Something Else? 1

What if Professor Cordain had named the Paleo Diet, not something so distinct?  What if he named it some more simple that does not conjure images in our brains of man with a club dragging his woman by the hair?  Another name might be less apt to insult the common idea that […]

The Law of Success

Excellent Reading

Nutrition This is hands down the most informative (and almost scary) book about the ill effects of wheat on our population.  It is written by a medical doctor, so all you that only take nutrition advice from your doctor, here ya go.  Everyone should read this. [divider] Leadership If the […]


Hodge – 200lbs Clean & Jerk 7

  We recently featured CFW Instructor and Games Team Member, Amanda H. in an article post.  Her story of overcoming disease and sickness is remarkable…  if you didn’t know her.  But for those of you who do, you know she’s hard headed… like a mule hopped up on PCP.   […]