Andrew G. training with the CFW CrossFit Games team on Saturday.

Team Workout #12 – Choose Your Poison 22

CrossFit Choose and complete one of the following for time… 1.)  5 Clean and Jerk (275lbs/185lbs) 2.)  10 Clean and Jerk (225lbs/155lbs) 3.)  14 Clean and Jerk (185lbs/135lbs) 4.)  20 Clean and Jerk (155lbs/115lbs) 5.)  32 Clean and Jerk (135lbs/95lbs) 6.)  60 Clean and Jerk (95lbs/65lbs) 7.)  100 Clean and […]

Jana, Felice, and Amanda repping out butterfly pull-ups during yesterday's Fran portion of the team WOD.

Friday Fun 8

    CrossFit Work up to the heaviest load possible with this complex… 3 Clean Pulls (Pull as high as the load allows) 2 Hang Cleans 1 Clean 1 Jerk Rest no more than 3 minutes. 3 rounds of… FFR Split Squat 6-8r at (3,2,1,0) Rest 10 seconds 1 1/4 […]

Scott S. prepping for the USA Powerlifting National Meet being held in Atlanta on December 1st

Team Challenge Workout #6 13

[box_content] We are now taking orders for hoodie’s and t-shirts. Hoodies -$35. T’s -$30 (nice wicking synthetic – NOT COTTON) To order, pay the instructor on duty and write your name and size on the order sheets located on the retail counter. [/box_content] Congratulations Amanda / Will! Saturday our own […]


Team Challenge #3 13

  CrossFit For time… 100 Burpees (On the jump come to vertical (head over heels) and break contact with the floor)


CrossFit in Figure? 12

Congratulations to CFW / WSC’s Melissa H.  Melissa placed 1st in Class A and 3rd in Master’s at the Jen Hendershott’s All Women’s Weekend Figure Competition in Charleston, SC. Melissa (above – 3rd from left / below 2nd from left) took to the stage after a slightly unconventional approach to […]

Geoff has been a dedicated Olympic Lifter with us for a while. His hard work shows with a 235+Snatch and 300+Clean & Jerk. Good job Geoff.

Team Workout #2 and Pink Ribbon Profits 14

[pullquote align=”left” type=”simple”] Avon claims to be the largest corporate supporter of the breast cancer cause in the US. Estée Lauder’s Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, known as “The Power of a Pink Promise” and Revlon’s 5K Run/Walk are high-profile efforts to raise money for the cause. The problem is […]

New member Danny completing yesterday's heavy WOD in just over 4 minutes.

There Is No Substitute For Weak Drive 5

[pullquote align=”left” type=”simple”]“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” – Kenneth H. Blanchard[/pullquote] Derek Woodske, PICP and BioSignature Coach, lays it out in this blog… “No Protocol […]

Cody reaching full extension during yesterday's clean ladder. It is critical to reach full extension in order to allow yourself to drop underneath the barbell.

Complete Our Workouts as Programmed to Get Stronger 24

“Let’s Talk About the Deadlift” by Team Elite FTS and originally posted on EliteFTS.com The deadlift: it’s a staple in our powerlifting diet. Whether you are an old friend to the sport or a new lifter who is just learning how to “get your nutsack on top of the bar,” […]

Dave hitting partial squats at over 400lbs last week. His dedication and drive as helped his strength gains soar. By the end of the 5 week Oly course, he should have some impressive numbers. Good job man!

Team Workout #1 30

[box] [box_header]“Train Like Hell, You’ll Get There!” – James T.[/box_header] [box_content] Former WSC Instructor, James Tatum, at Muscle Driver USA Check out James’ latest PRs on his Youtube Channel… 220kg (484lbs) Squat. 192kg (422.5lbs) Front Squat. 170kg (374lbs). Read James’ blog article:  “Not Making the Hulk Angry.” [/box_content] [/box]   […]