Machines need machines to push them...  Tim Caso found his push at CFW!

Is there anything “Chipper” about a Chipper WOD? 6

Scott Smith. Tim came to CrossFit Wilmington an endurance machine… we added weight, intensity, and technique to his workouts and this guy is killing it. So our ladies can smoke you?  You may need a new program! CrossFit WOD For time… 30 Air Squats 30 PushUps 30 Pull Ups 30 […]

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Friday 7

The gym is closed today. The 2nd Annual Turkey Day Workout at the Wrightsville Beach Loop.  Showtime: 10:45am The workout is a team workout that anyone can do.  Bring your friends and family.

Endurance athletes don't have to be "skinny fat"...  and CrossFitters certainly shouldn't be!

Happy Thanksgiving! 10

Don’t forget… we’re closed tomorrow. -This morning – Trail Run at Blue Clay Mountain Bike Trails at 7am -2nd Annual T-day Workout at the Wrightsville Beach Loop tomorrow morning at 10:45


Death by G2O and Death (cont.) 4

Jeremy and Abby – Handstand Push Ups in the Rings ____________________________________________________________________________________ CrossFit WOD Death by Ground to OverHead (135lbs/85lbs) 1 G2O every minute on the minute increasing by 1 every minute until failure. 1 minute recovery Death by Ground to Shoulders to OverHead (135lbs/85lbs) 1 G2S2O every minute on the […]


From “St. Louis”… w/ love. 16

Tomorrow morning at 6:30am, Spin City is offering a complimentary 30 minute spin for CrossFitters. In the last two and half weeks, Ryan, aka “St. Louis” has been eating strict Paleo and counting every gram of food he eats.  I gave him my version of the Paleo diet and how I […]

Chip Deadlifting from a riser.  Chip hit a new Deadlift PR of 400lbs a week ago...  a huge congrats there!  Chip has also PR'ed all the other slow lifts and the Oly lifts by significant weights.  Every benchmark/named CF WOD we've done he's seen huge improvements on.  Chip is a great example of what improved, more efficient technique will do for your fitness.

Thanksgiving Hours 14

Thanksgiving Hours: Thursday, Thanksgiving Day – Closed Friday – Gym Closed – Workout at the Wrightsville Beach Loop at 11am. Saturday – Regular Hours CrossFit WOD Front Squat  12 – 12 – 12 – 12 Shoulder Press 12 – 12 – 12 – 12 Sled Push 5 x 25m w/ […]

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Sunday 21 Nov 2010

We hope you’re enjoying the nice day. Deadly Holiday Drinks, Acai Berry Scams and Seasonal Weight Gain Survival Guide The Paleo Table {Thanksgiving edition}

Josh watches over things...

CFW Fundamental: Train the trainer 12

Josh Edwards, CFW’s GM, runs the daily operations at CrossFit Wilmington.  He’s overall responsible for the excellent training and fluid scheduling you guys only know as the efficient way CFW works. Josh also oversees and coordinates the mentoring and training of our staff.  Just getting a CrossFit certification doesn’t make […]

Jana - pistol course

Thursday 10

Help us support a good cause tonight from 6pm to 10pm at The Reel Cafe, Downtown Wilmington for “Cocktails for Careousel.” Tonight and Next Thursday, Yoga Class is cancelled.             Interested in formal firearms instruction?  We’ve formed Alastar TDS-C to offer Eastern NC professional pistol, rifle, […]