Wednesday Open Gym is For All Members 11

[box_content] I just wanted to send a shout out to you guys and all of the instructors at CFW.  I ran a 5K this morning, and it wasn’t an all time PR, however, it was the fastest I have run a 5K in a few years! I’ve been doing a […]

Pull and Press to Develop the Snatch 5


[box_content] 2013 Crossfit Open starts in 2 Days We are excited for the start of the 2013 Crossfit Games Season this week. As an incentive to sign-up for the Open, CFW will pay for half of the $20 entry fee for all CFW members who are on our roster at […]

Let’s Speed Things Up… Power Development 7

For the last couple of months our programming has been a “back to the basics” strength cycle designed to correct common imbalances and develop a foundation of strength we can build a solid fitness base upon.  We use a combination of PICP, the principles taught by Coach Poliquin, the West […]

Critical Points About Weight Loss Myths & Facts 3

The New England Journal of Medicine recently published an article reviewing myths, presumptions, and facts about obesity. Inspired by the need to help people comb through unsupported ideas about how to lose weight, the article discusses what the authors consider to be unproven beliefs about what makes us fat. The review […]

Stand Up Work Station. 2

I’ve considered a stand up work station for numerous years now.  Shawn K. and I discussed it a while back.  He even tried to get his workplace to buy him one.  They’re expensive and his company didn’t see why he’d ever need to stand while at work.  I bet the […]

Ladies Party Recap 11

[box_content] Crossfit Wilmington is a drop of facility for donations to the Toys for Tots program. The mission of this program is to provide toys for children of families in need and has been around since 1948. To donate bring a new, unwrapped toy to CFW and place it in the box […]