• We are in the new building! Thank you to everyone that made today’s move possible.  We are not quite finished but all the things needed to train are in place.  See you in the new space. CrossFit Back Squat – Warm up to a heavy 5.  Then do sets of 4 – 3 – 3 […]

  • Shedding Skin

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on October 15, 2012

    We’ve outgrown our current space a little sooner than expected.  It is time we shed our old skin and cover ourselves new. We are very happy to announce our move to the new facility.  Tomorrow (Wednesday 17 OCT) we will begin the move to 2020 Capital Drive.  Located in Murrayville Station on North College Road, the […]

  • Ever Wanted to Try a Tri?

    By t. | In Articles, Mindset | on October 14, 2012

    Have you ever thought about doing a Triathlon, Marathon, or other endurance event but haven’t pulled the trigger on it?  For many people,  endurance events can seem impossible.  If you’ve never been an endurance athlete, a triathlon may an intimidating thing.  But for most of you, I bet CrossFit seemed a little intimidating too.  Another common reason […]

  • With some frustration I’ve watched the Paleo Diet change (sorry… saying evolve would be cliche) quite a bit over the last 10 years.  I’ve been eating the Paleo way for about 8 years.  I don’t say strict Paleo, because Paleo is strict Paleo.  Think about it…  either you are or you are not.  80% isn’t. […]

  • The Weekend’s Over…

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on October 7, 2012

    Congrats to everyone who participated in the Step Up for Soldiers 5K Mud Run and Integrity’s Revenge this past weekend. Here are some of the results from the weekend. Step Up for Soldiers 5K Mud Run Melissa Hoff- 2nd Overall Female, 1st in her Age Group Gene Avidano- 3rd Overall Male, 1st in his Age […]

  • Fat Loss Tips From a Doctor

    By t. | In Articles, Nutrition | on October 3, 2012

    I was just reading an article in a medical journal about Juvenile Arthritis.  In this journal, I found a wonderful article with tips for fat loss written by an MD.  Below are the tips and a one sentence summary of the author’s explanations of each.  Enjoy… Use small dishes to serve food.  It makes the portions appear […]

  • Cookout / Open House is Tomorrow

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on September 27, 2012

    Please join us Saturday for our member appreciation Open House / Joro Yoga Grand Opening. Take a Yoga Class at 9 or 1030 am and / or get in a CrossFit workout.  Meet the Wilmington Strength Staff and then enjoy the food and beverages.  It’s all our treat and way of saying thank you to […]

  • Finding Relief from IBS

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    I have worked with numerous clients with Irritable Bowl Syndrome.  Most are fine and haven’t had any flare ups since we began their protocols.  The ones who have had flare ups are the ones who went back to eating grains and sugar and began drinking alcohol after I recommended they never consume those things.  All health […]

  • Detoxify Estrogen to Lose Stubborn Fat

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on September 26, 2012

    Tip: Increase fiber intake to reduce body fat below the waist. Losing unwanted fat may not always be as easy as simply exercising and eating less.  If estrogen dominance is to blame, there are a few things that can help burn the stubborn fat associated with toxic estrogen levels.  Increasing the amount of fiber in […]

  • “The Balance Of Yoga” A write by Tara Blackburn, Joro Yoga teacher and CFW member, about the benefits and balance Yoga provides to CrossFitters and strength athletes.  She outlines great  info on the benefits of Yoga and how to prepare for your first class. Read the article here.

  • Recovery Part 2

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on September 24, 2012

    4 rounds of…
    6-8 Romanian Deadlift (3,0,1,0)
    Rest 30 seconds
    6-8 Wide Stance Goodmorning (3,0,1,0)
    Rest 30 seconds

  • CFW – A Ladies’ Gym

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    I just read this article by Bill Born posted on Elite FTS and it made me think a bit about how we do things at CFW.  I like reading intelligent articles about how other trainers and gyms operate.  I appreciate other coaches’ insight and perspectives.  I am happy to sometimes find things I can implement at CFW […]

  • Joro Yogo Opens Today. Classes are at 10:15am with Leslie and at 6:30pm with Tara. CFW and WSC members get 50% off all the Joro Yoga rates and you can try it at no cost. For more info, ask a trainer or click here. [divider] Last week was tough.  The first few days of this […]

  • Hell Week – Finale’

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on September 21, 2012

        CrossFit 5 Rounds for time of… 5 Box Jumps (20) 10 second Sled Push (+180/+100) 5 Box Jumps *1 min rest between rounds

  • Hell Week – Day 5

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on September 20, 2012

    “One Bar”
    10 rounds for time of…
    10 Deadlift (135/85)
    10 Push Press (135/85)
    10 OHS (135/85)

  • Hell Week – Day 4

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on September 19, 2012

    Do one, two, or all three of the following workouts for time.
    If you do more than one, begin with the heavier workout. For two workouts, rest 5 minutes between each. For all three, rest 10 minutes between each.

  • Hell Week – Day 2

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on September 17, 2012

    Tip:  Consume BCAAs and a Post Workout Shake Post-workout nutrition is important.  Duh.  We write about more than any other topic, not because it’s our favorite thing, but because it is the most important part of the diet for anyone who is training intensely.  The basic guidelines for post-workout nutrition are: 20-50 grams of BCAAs […]

  • Hell Week

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on September 16, 2012

    Nah… don’t worry it’s not BUD/S, so you won’t need expensive hair care products, but this week at CFW is going to be painfully exhausting.  The workouts are going to be intense and high volume.  We are intentionally going to push you right up to the edge of over-training, and for some well into it. […]

  • Parenting: Be the Grown Up.

    By t. | In Articles, Mindset | on September 12, 2012

    [pullquote align=”left” type=”simple”]Notice: If you are a parent that provides boundaries and holds your child or children accountable for their actions, you will most likely enjoy and agree with this article. If you are one those parents that believes your child or children has free will to explore his or her world (or some other […]

  • Step Up For Soldier’s Mud Run

    By t. | In Events | on September 12, 2012

    October 6, 2012

  • The Ancestral Health Symposium

    By t. | In Articles, Nutrition | on September 8, 2012

      [pullquote align=”left” type=”simple”]Whitney Ross has been a member of CFW for just over three years. Whitney is best known of her successful halting of the progressing, degenerative disease, Multiple Sclerosis through a clean (Paleo) diet and intense exercise. Whitney has been invited as a quest speaker on numerous radio shows and podcasts. Read her […]

  • Using Gravity

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on September 5, 2012

    Get Stronger and Gain Muscle with Eccentric Training: Never Let Gravity Do the Work From www.CharlesPoliquin.com Gain strength and put on muscle by focusing on the eccentric phase of your lifts. It is well accepted that the muscle lengthening motion of an exercise triggers hypertrophy the most, and doing eccentric-enhanced training is a dependable method […]

  • “The 5” and Unilateral Work

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on September 2, 2012

     “The Five” There are five simple supplements everyone needs.  They are HCL, EPA/DHA (fish oil), V-D3, Zinc, and Magnesium.  Unless supplementing aggressively, everyone you know is deficient in each of these and everyone you know will get healthier (not necessarily completely healthy) if they supplemented with each. I base all my nutrition and supplementation recommendations around health […]

  • “Rx” at CrossFit Wilmington

    By t. | In Articles, Mindset | on September 1, 2012

    Great ambition is the passion of a great character.  Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them. – Napoleon Bonaparte.  I like goals.  I like setting them, planning my path to accomplish them and I like achieving them.  Actually, I enjoy crushing them. […]

  • Chains

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on August 29, 2012

      CrossFit Back Squats (+ chains)  5 x 5 Rest 2 minutes between sets 4 rounds for time… 16KB Swings (24kg/16kg) 16 Backwards Walking Lunge  

  • The Infared Sauna is now part of your membership. Starting today, the IR Sauna becomes included as part of your membership.  We want all of you to enjoy the benefits of the sauna so we’ve decided to simply add it to your membership. We are the only gym in Wilmington to have an infrared sauna and now, […]

  • Zinc Revisted

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on August 27, 2012

    We talk about the five basic supplements everyone needs.  Zinc is one them.  Read this article for reasons to supplement your diet with Zn. Top 10 Reasons to Take Zinc by Charles Poliquin Improve all aspects of your health and well-being by making sure you get enough zinc in your diet. Many people know about […]

  • Reading

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on August 25, 2012

    No fluffy, feel good, estrogen increasing motivational junk.  Just info you can use to improve your health and fitness. Practice Yoga: Less Stress, Faster Recovery, More Power & Increased Strength Practice yoga to minimize stress and speed recovery from training, while increasing well-being and other fitness markers. A new study found that yoga can produce […]

  • Self Massage and Trigger Point Work

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on August 21, 2012

    Was the running portion on yesterday’s workout the worst?  Did you skip yesterday’s workout all together because of it had running in it?  Running is as natural as walking…  we learn to do it before we can talk.  But sometime around 12 years old many of us quit running.  We can fix it. See the […]

  • AMRAP Crusher

    By t. | In Today's Workout | on August 20, 2012

    This past weekend CFW instructors Meagan Gartlan and Tanner Martin competed in the Bull City Barbell Open Olympic Weightlifting Meet. Meagan has competed in many weightlifting competitions, while this was Tanner’s first USAW sanctioned meet. In typical CFW fashion, Meagan won the 48 kilo weight class with a total of 96 kg and Tanner won […]