TGIF… or maybe not. This is probably going to suck too. 25

“I’m a former CrossFit Affilitate owner and I’ve visited many CrossFits nationwide.  Without a doubt, CrossFit Wilmington exceeds them in all aspects you’d expect from a CrossFit gym. From the owner, management, coaches, facilities and equipment, CFW is as good as it gets.  The knowledge combined with the ability to […]

The Bad*ss Ladies of CFW – Wednesday Evening 12


Olympic Lifting Class tonight at 6pm KickBoxing at 7:15pm Yoga at8pm Cost: Free to unlimited class members, $10 for CFW members, and $20 for nonmembers. Don’t forget, we offer 20 classes for $100!! CFW ladies rock…  no doubt about it.  Why are our “average” ladies so above average at other […]

This is going to suck… 37

CrossFit WOD “The Filthy 50 75”  (we said it was gonna suck) For time… 75 Box jump, 24 inch box 75 Jumping pull-ups 75 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood (or 35lbs dumbbell) 75 Walking Lunges 75 Knees to elbows 75 Push press, 45 pounds 75 Back extensions 75 Wall ball shots, […]

Why IF? 6

Does fasting still sound crazy to you?  Read about it: IF 101 CrossFit WOD Back Squat  12 – 20 – 4 – 12 – 20 – 4 For time… 50 KB Swings (24kg) 50 Handstand PushUps (1 45lbs/floor)

3 weeks to go… 9


There are three weeks until the “Not Normal” fat loss competition is done.  If the first few weeks haven’t gone as well for ya as you would like, don’t give up.  You can drop quite a few pounds of fat in 21 days!  A big congrats to those of you […]

Sunday 28 Nov 1

CrossFit Wilmington is where excellent technique is taught.  It’s where serious CrossFitters learn how do the movements…  better.  Technique first.  Because hard work, determination, and brute strength will only get you so far. “I didn’t realize how much better I could get.  It was hard work with no form before. […]

Is there anything “Chipper” about a Chipper WOD? 6

Scott Smith. Tim came to CrossFit Wilmington an endurance machine… we added weight, intensity, and technique to his workouts and this guy is killing it. So our ladies can smoke you?  You may need a new program! CrossFit WOD For time… 30 Air Squats 30 PushUps 30 Pull Ups 30 […]

Friday 7

The gym is closed today. The 2nd Annual Turkey Day Workout at the Wrightsville Beach Loop.  Showtime: 10:45am The workout is a team workout that anyone can do.  Bring your friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving! 10

Don’t forget… we’re closed tomorrow. -This morning – Trail Run at Blue Clay Mountain Bike Trails at 7am -2nd Annual T-day Workout at the Wrightsville Beach Loop tomorrow morning at 10:45