Alicia presses in the tabata workout yesterday

Five Days To Go. . . 6

The Pool Season Lean Out Competition comes to a close on Wednesday, May 2nd. Many of those signed up have already lost significant amounts of weight. Plenty of members are down 10, 15, 20  pounds and up. There is no magic to their weight loss; it is a combination of […]

Taylor ensures Walt has proper technique on the deadlift during Intro 1. Welcome aboard Walt!

Diet First. 8

Nutrition Nexus Classes Postponed The nutrition classes scheduled at the Reserve in Mayfaire have been postponed.  The new dates will be announced soon.  All apologies for the inconvenience. Diet First No Supplement Will Fix Your Lacking Diet CrossFit Wilmington has a “back to the basics” mindset on both training and […]

Taran: 17 years old and performing front squats with excellent form. Knees out, weight in heels, elbows and torso high.

The Importance of Proper Technique 7

Proper technique, or movement patterns, are the best insurance against injury. The bonus is increased performance. You all hear our instructors repeatedly calling the cues “knees out” or “look up” or “shoulders back”. Those are three of many you hear us harp on constantly. The trend in fitness has been […]


Announcing… 30

  We are thrilled to announce the opening of Wilmington Strength & Conditioning…  Coastal Carolina’s only strength & conditioning facility co-located with a CrossFit affiliate. Wilmington Strength & Condition is the result of the strategic pairing of CrossFit Wilmington and Next Level Training.  The combined effort has created a facility […]

CFW was well represented at the Step Up For Soldiers Combat Mud Run on Saturday. Pictured are Barbara and Anthony Heath, Rob and Kelly Asp, Gene, Chrissy, Albert, Sara C, Jocelyn, Pedrina and Coleen. Congrats to all who completed the challenge!

Active Release Techniques 8

I post quite a bit about ART Chiropractic and highly recommend it for treatment of soft tissue injury.  Dr. Eric McGraw, who presents mobility and injury care/prevention seminars at CFW, is an ART Chiropractor.   The treatments he provides address injury to muscle and connective tissue speeding healing to many common exercise […]


Sunday Reading

Lose Weight For Summer: Top Five Training Tips For Optimal Body Composition  by Poliquin Editorial Staff Lose fat fast with a training program that will help you maintain body composition results for the long run. You will lose the most fat by training with a protocol that focuses on building […]

Visiting Crossfitter Rose B., taking in a couple of classes in this week

Saturday 2

Hyperinsulinemic Diseases of Civilization:  More than just Syndrome X Loren Cordain*, Michael R. Eades, Mary D. Eades Department of Health and Exercise Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523, USA Read the paper here. ______________________________________________________________________________________ CrossFit In teams of two or three complete the following for time… 60 KB Swings […]

Bethany, Mike and Kate perform ab roll outs in yesterday's workout.

Friday Fun 5

Get Lean Tip:  Stop Lying – Lying to yourself and others that you eat a Paleo Diet or even close to it will eventually lead to you, but only you, believing it.  There’s no way to be fat, or not lose excess fat, if you have removed high insulin load […]