Sara C. and Success 9

CrossFit Sled Push Begin with a sled loaded with (+45lbs/+0). Push 20m Add 25lbs Rest 30 seconds Repeat until you cannot move the sled.  Then reduce the weight by 25lbs and repeat until sled is empty.

Strength First...  Jenny performs up-right rows to develop shoulder strength and stability.

Pressing Work 5

CFW will no longer have Open Gym on Sundays from 10-11:30am, however we will continue to have Yoga at 9am ______________________________________________________________________________  CrossFit Incline DB Bench  5-6r x 6 DB Bench Press  6-8r x 5 Dips 5-6r x 5 Triceps Extension  6-8r x 4


CFW’s hosts a “Snatch Clinic” at the Games Regionals. 2

As the Games media staff put it…  “CrossFit Wilmington put on a Snatch Clinic”.  Due to a shoulder injury, CrossFit Wilmington had only 5 of our 6 team members participating in the Snatch Ladder WOD.  Yes, our total beat all but one team with only 5 lifters to their 6! […]


Team Work 11

    Team CrossFit Wilmington secured a 2nd Place finish at the 2012 Crossfit Games Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition this weekend.  A tremendous thank you to everyone who supported the team’s efforts. CrossFit 1 1/4 Back Squat  5r x 6s GHD Back Extensions  4 x 5 (4/0/1/1)


Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition Begins Today 11

Track the CFW athletes and team on the CrossFit Games website. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________   Wilmington Strength & Conditioning strength Coach, James Tatum, observes and assesses Mike C. and Jeremy H. during the Balance and Strength Evaluation.  New members of Wilmington Strength & Conditioning begin with the eval.  With it, the WSC […]

Sad Change: Don and Andy aren't "partners" any more.

The More Things Change… 3

…the More They Stay the Same. “the aggressive training we have always been known for has not been compromised.” The epigram made famous by Jean-Babtiste Karr during the late 1800’s when France, and all post-industrialized Europe, was trying to find its way in a fast changing world.  It’s meaning reflects […]

Alicia presses in the tabata workout yesterday

Five Days To Go. . . 6

The Pool Season Lean Out Competition comes to a close on Wednesday, May 2nd. Many of those signed up have already lost significant amounts of weight. Plenty of members are down 10, 15, 20  pounds and up. There is no magic to their weight loss; it is a combination of […]

Taylor ensures Walt has proper technique on the deadlift during Intro 1. Welcome aboard Walt!

Diet First. 8

Nutrition Nexus Classes Postponed The nutrition classes scheduled at the Reserve in Mayfaire have been postponed.  The new dates will be announced soon.  All apologies for the inconvenience. Diet First No Supplement Will Fix Your Lacking Diet CrossFit Wilmington has a “back to the basics” mindset on both training and […]