Fight Gone Bad

Tip of the Day: Pace your met-cons.  Don’t exert max effort in the first few minutes of a met-con, you will set yourself up to hit a wall very quickly.  Instead, take a few extra minutes to plan the workout and exactly how long each portion should take you or how […]

Snatch Complex 1

The article below is an addition to the article posted on Parenting. Ten Tips To Improve Your Child’s Behavior and Learning Through Diet Eating adequate protein and getting other nutrients that support optimal brain function is one of the BEST methods for improving attention span and decreasing hyperactivity in children. […]

Sauna – Myofascial Release & Stretch – Sauna 9

Recovery Tip:  Take at least 2 days off each week and 3 days off one week of each month. Recovery is when you improve performance.  Over-training (under-recovery) leads to decreased testosterone and growth hormone – the two most important hormones in performance- and increases insulin resistance and cortisol.  We mostly […]

Strength Work 6

Tip of the Day: Prepare your post-workout protein shake and post workout supplements, pre-workout. This way you are able to take your supplements within the optimum window of 10 minutes after finishing your workout.

Overhead and Split Squats 4

Recovery Tip:  For improved recovery and reduced cortisol post workout, take 2-3 grams of Taurine and 2-3 grams of Vitamin C with your post workout BCAAs. [divider] CrossFit 5 rounds of… Overhead Squats 4-6 (4,1,1,0) 10 second rest FFR Split Squats  6-8 (3,2,1,0) 2 minute rest Then, 3 rounds of… […]

Fartlek Friday 10

Below are just a few of the new(er) faces around CrossFit Wilmington. Welcome all. Thanks for making CFW Wilmington’s CrossFit!

Myofascial Release and Stretch Day 3

Remember today we are our starting new Wednesday hours

7am-10am Open Gym
5pm-7pm Open Gym

Today we will have only open gym hours. All of our members are welcome to come in and foam roll, stretch, or do some skill work and practice.

Push/ Pull 11

CrossFit 20-15-10-5 reps for time of… HSPU Pull-Ups Dips Bent Over Row (115/75) Push-Ups Up-right Row (75/45)