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Wilmington Strength and Conditioning uses PICP, West Side, German Body Comp, American bodybuilding and other proven methods for developing strength and improving body composition. Our strength coaches are not simply personal trainers. They are well educated in the arts of strength and performance. Our head strength coaches are PICP certified and utilize PICP methods to insure our members gain strength and improve performance quickly and safely. PICP was developed by Coach Charles Poliquin, the world’s most renowned strength and conditioning coach to provide coaches with unsurpassed skills in methodology, client assessments and program design. PICP produces the best educated strength coaches in the world.


Casey McCarty – Head Strength Coach


At Wilmington Strength and Conditioning you will see results much faster than if you worked out on your own. Many strength programs lack sufficient planning and purpose. At WSC, our coaches design programs with specific goals in mind. Whether the goals are pure strength gains, functional hypertrophy, mass gain, or fat loss, our programs will meet and exceed your goals.


Imbalance Correction

No matter what program you adhere to, strength training and day to day repetitive activities are bound to create strength and flexibility imbalances. Our programs are designed to correct muscular imbalances in order to minimize the risk of injury and to increase strength. We train the small muscles that are often unused in order to strengthen the larger muscles and complex exercises. The importance of correcting imbalances is often understated; we understand that addressing imbalances will lead to faster gains and improvement toward your goals.





$100/month – 3 month commitment required

Open Gym Rate

**Must complete 3 months of classes to qualify for open gym

Personal Training

$30/session and gym fee of $50 per month

Introductory Assessment


We require that all new Wilmington Strength and Conditioning members complete an initial strength and imbalance assessment.  Our qualified coaches will guide you through a series of tests to determine any strength or flexibility imbalances and prescribe exercises or stretches in order to correct any imbalances that may be present.

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