The MJÖLNIR – Day 1

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Warm Up
2 rounds of…
3 Clean High Pulls (115-135-males / 65-85- females)
1 Hang Clean
2 Clean
2 Push Press
1 Jerk

Power Clean – 1 rep max (15 minute time limit)
Back Squat – 3 rep max (15 minute time limit)
Muscle Up – Max reps in 1 minute

Rest 5 minutes

10 minute AMRAP (as many ROUNDS completed as possible) “One Bar of Death”
10 Deadlift (135/85)
10 Push Press
10 OHS

When the rest periods are posted, adhere to them strictly.  When there are no rest periods (b/tw clean and squat), move diligently between exercises.

Day 1
Power clean is pulled from the ground and received above parallel.  Stand and show stability for 2 seconds.

Back squat – Depth is below parallel, i.e., the hips will reach depth below the knee.  At the top the athlete will stand and show stability for 2 seconds.  This is a high bar, athletic stance back squat.  No power / sumo stance or low bar.  The athlete may have assistance removing and recovering the bar from the rack.  Any assistance from the spotter in continuing the movement of the rep will render that rep not valid.

Muscle ups –  The athlete must be at complete extension at the bottom of the hang and at the top of the dip.  False grip or not is permitted.  If the athlete’s feet or knees pass above the rings, we do not care.  Get the work done.

“One Bar” – As many ROUNDS of possible… not reps.  The athlete’s score is tallied by how many ROUNDS he/she completes.  Any extra reps are not considered in scoring.  The deadlift begins on the ground and ends on the ground., like a deadlift… a rep not returned to the ground in a controlled manner will not count.  The push press must be locked out and truly overhead.  Overhead is when the heels, hips, shoulders and hands form a straight line parallel to the ground (biceps, ears, “pushing head thru” and other BS means of measure not relevant).

Back Squat / Power Clean – Each pound is a point
Muscle Up – Each rep = 10 points
“One Bar” AMRAP = 1 rep = 1 point

Add up your points for a total.

For the complete MJOLNIR test, click here.

Wilmington Weightlifting Club

Back squat – 85% x 2 x 4
Snatch deadlift – 105% (of snatch) x 3 x 3
Push press – 80% x 4 x 5
Pull-ups: 6 x 3
GHD sit-ups: max reps x 3

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