CFW’s Strength Secrets Revealed!

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Sorry, there are no secrets.chains

We post our training to the website and I am very clear about the methods we use.  We periodize and have goals to train to…  while in a strength cycle, we train develop our strength base.  I know, it sounds crazy, but my athletes do not do metcons or even Olympic lift.  They do power work on some dynamic effort days, but I do not consider power snatch and power cleans Olympic lifts, at least not the way I utilize them.  They follow my programming strictly and I tailor the volume and intensity to their adaptations.  They rest atleast twice a week and we deload every third or fourth week.  I address their individual weaknesses and imbalances with supplemental work.  This is very important and why following a program written by someone who never watches you train will never get you the best results, much less to the Games.

None of this is new stuff to the good coaches out there.  We have not reinvented the wheel.

jordan_bs_275But there is something some gyms and coaches are missing…  serious strength equipment!  We’ve been posting pics and videos of some of our strongest and somehow, no one notices the bands, chains, and those big-assed Sorinex racks with safety stays and straps..  And how about those metal 45lbs plates?  With those we have room on a regular bar to put almost a 1,000lbs… as opposed to 425lbs with the fatty bumpers.  Think about that for a sec.

If you want to be strong, you need to provide a place where your athletes can train with confidence and in SAFETY.  Those Rogue systems are nice… for pull ups, wall balls, OH presses, and OH squats, but it is absurd to have people squat outside a rack… and without a spotter?  This is the ridiculous stuff that gives CrossFit a bad name.  One misstep, rolled ankle, or loss of balance under a back squat and you have a VERY injured athlete…  possibly a very dead one.  You can choose not to be a moron.

Instead of Wodify, AirDynes, and other silly stuff your gym does not need, maybe consider purchasing a decent rack with at least a few of the basics of strength development.  Your athletes will get stronger just by the fact they aren’t afraid of getting their head crushed when they pitch forward and eat shit because no one at your gym thinks spotting is important.

Train smart,

In case you don’t know anything but Rogue for equipment, here are a few sights that cater to guys that squat more than 400lbs:
Elite FTS


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