Ladies… Decrease Estrogen, Lose Fat. Increase Testosterone, Lose Depression and Get Stronger

By t. | In Articles | on November 17, 2013

Estrogen dominance / toxicity has become a huge health issue for women.  Estrogen is a very powerful hormone.  It has muchEstrogen-Metabolism-multifaceted_all encompassed approach to do with the way we develop, grow, and has an enormous amount of influence on gene expression.  When tissue with high in estrogen receptors, like breast tissue, are inundated by high levels of estrogen cancer can occur.  Estrogen, from a evolutionary and survival perspective, does many things to protect the body.  It is highly anti-inflammatory and helps regulate everything from blood pressure to insulin sensitivity.  In its mechanisms for protecting us, it helps the body store fat.  It gets a bad rap for causing mood swings, irritability, sugar craving and other monthly “symptoms”… not really, it does cause those things.

Balancing estrogen levels, along with a low carb/no sugar diet, is one of the most effective ways of losing body fat.  It is especially true for the estrogen and DHA laden fat of the thighs and hips.

So now that I’ve your attention ladies, let’s get down to dealing with estrogen…

Lowering estrogen is only half the equation.  Increasing testosterone is crucial also.  We typically hear about raising test in males, but women also benefit from optimal testosterone levels.  Studies have shown creating a better ratio between test and estrogen in females not only facilitates fat loss, but it eliminates depression, reduces the risk of women specific cancers, increases libido, reduces symptoms of PMS/menstruation, and in training athletes, improves performance.

So how can you reduce estrogen and also increase testosterone? First, stop eating junk food.  Yeah, it makes you feel better to woof down a container of ice cream, but after it is all gone you are only depressed and getting fatter.  Do not ever consume soy or any soy product again… NEVER.  You Estrogen-Metabolism-multifaceted_all encompassed approachmight as well eat an estrogen cake with cancer icing.  Eat a healthy, clean diet of grass fed and antibiotic/hormone free meat, natural fats, green veggies and berries with no preservatives or artificial anything. Insure you are not deficient in Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin D.  100-150 mg of Zn and 500-1000mg of Mg per day (make sure the Zinc and Mag are chelated… if you don’t, salt forms will make you sick) will take care of those and 50,000iu of Vitamin D3 on Monday and Friday will get your D up to par.  Zn will help free what test you have from sex binding globulin hormone (SBGH) and aid in reducing the aromatase enzyme (testosterone “aromatizes” to estrogen), Mg will help detox and clear estrogen (among MANY other things) and Vitamin D is synergistic with both Zn and Mg… i.e., they help each other do their respective jobs in the body.

If you are on an oral contraceptive, the chances are it is estrogen based.  Estrogen analogues can be more toxic than natural estrogen.  Talk to your MD about taking the correct dosage for you.  Obviously coming off birth control is best.  However, since it may not play into your lifestyle very well, you have to weigh out the costs vs. benefits.

The next step, ladies, is reducing the estrogen levels already in your body.  Rid your life of chemicals, plastics and do notestro-ass consume animals raised on hormones.  Do not cook in coated pans or microwave plastics.  They release BPAs and xenoestrogens (toxic, estrogen-like compounds) into your foods.  Use iron skillets and microwave in glass.  Get a BPA free water bottle and filter your own water.  The liver treats estrogen and xenoestrogens like a toxin and clears them via numerous pathways…  the 2-hydroxy pathway is the least toxic.  The other two produce many toxic metabolites linked to cancer and are stored in fat.  So we need have to help the liver utilize the 2-hydroxy pathway.  To do so, we have to reduce the liver’s exposure to insulin and increase the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids available to it.  In other words, reduce the high glycemic carbs, eliminate sugar and supplement with EPA/DHA* (fish oil).  B vitamins, Vitamin A, Tumeric, some antioxidants, Kudzu, Licorice, and DIM further aid in the leading estrogen down the right elimination pathway.

In addition to aiding the liver in clearing the body of excess estrogen, we must also deal with the body’s overproduction of estrogen.  Most estrogen is produced from androstenedione and/or testosterone conversion by the aromatase enzyme.  Vitamin C is very effective at reducing the amount of aromatase in the body.  Zinc and Green Tea Extract also aid in reducing aromatase.

Another piece of the estrogen health puzzle is blocking estrogen receptors  in the most affected tissues.  By placing a weak, plant based (phytoestrogen) estrogen blocker in estrogen receptor sites, it disallows the estrogen from binding with that tissue.  In other words, the estrogen has no where to make itself at home, continues to circulate and if the liver is healthy, gets cleared.Hormone Path_DHEA

That’s estrogen…  but testosterone is the key to adding lean muscle and dropping fat.  If we get a woman’s test up, she’ll experience exponential gains, be less prone to mood swings/depression, and many of the symptoms associated with PMS.

This is where Zinc comes back into play… again.  Zn frees test from SBHG in the blood and becomes available for use.  The next thing we can do is add DHEA.  DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is often referred to as the “master hormone” because it is the precursor to both testosterone and estrogen.  As women get into their thirties, their DHEA begins to decline drastically.  DHEA has been used by women for a long time to slow the effects of aging to bolstering the immune system.  Supplementing it can help return DHEA to more youthful levels.  Beware though, it is on the WADA list.

The protocol is pretty simple.  Like I said before, this protocol will not yield the best results if your diet is crap.

Omega 3  6:1 (low DHA fish oil) – 6 caps 3 t.i.d. just before major meals
Uber Zinc – 2 caps with breakfast and lunch
Uber Mag – 5 caps with dinner (or evening post-workout meal) and at bedtime
D3 Excellence – 8 caps on Monday / 8 caps on Friday
Uber C – 2 tablets 2 t.i.d.
EstroShield – 1 serving / day
EstroClear – 3 tablets with 2 of your major meals
Green Tea Excellence – 2 caps 2 t.i.d.
DHEA – 50/100mg a day (with or without food… doesn’t matter) – GNC stocks DHEA.

DO NOT take DHEA without the other supplements.  Without the supplements in this protocol that address the estrogen directly, DHEA will convert to estradiol and worsen your problems greatly.

All the sups listed above, except the DHEA, are Poliquin Group Products made specifically for the intended use.  I use Poliquin unless there is something better.  In this case, there isn’t.

If you’re interested in dealing with your estrogen dominance, the above protocol is a great start.  Order it and we will give you 15% off the protocol.. or the products you need (you should already have Zn, Mg, and D3).  Get your body fat tested in a BioSig consult with Tony, Cody, or Melissa to have a pro track and facilitate your progress.



3 Comments to "Ladies… Decrease Estrogen, Lose Fat. Increase Testosterone, Lose Depression and Get Stronger"

  • Johanna says:

    November 18, 2013 at 6:56 am -

    Great read and reminder! And here I was about to put off re-ordering my zing mag and d3 .. I hear ya boss… Order goes in today :)

  • k.j. says:

    November 22, 2013 at 9:27 am -

    Your article does not mention the hormone progesterone, which causes the hormonal imbalance with estrogen. Most young women are estrogen dominant due to taking birth control with contains synthetic hormones. Natural progesterone is the hormone that calms the body and decreases PMS symptoms. When we age, all of our hormones tend to decrease and the imbalances increase well. The answer to estrogen dominance is not adding DHEA and test. Women’s hormones are a very delicate balance and everything in our bodies can be affected by adding an extra hormone that is unnecessary. Let’s also not forget the hormone cortisol which can also be affected by adding unnecessary or wrong hormones to our bodies. The answer to presumed estrogen dominance is to find out what exactly your hormones levels are with an inexpensive hormone saliva test not by getting your body fat checked. Discuss the results with your MD first (preferably a naturalist) and then go with supplementation if your hormones are out of balance. Ladies, let’s not just assume that our hormones are out of balance. Get tested to find out first. This comment is written by a woman who has lived estrogen dominance, has done the research, had my hormone levels tested and is supplementing by doing it the right way.

  • t. says:

    November 25, 2013 at 11:16 am -

    Thanks for posting. There are many different ways to deal with estrogen dominance. As I said in the article, my suggestion is for ladies who want to get stronger and more fit. My suggestion is more aggressive than many MDs will go for, but no where near as aggressive as some others in this field suggest.

    I’m going to try and be nice and not tear your comment apart… but let me start by saying that having cancer does not an Oncologist make. Trying to qualify your comment by stating you have had estrogen dominance and done your research doesn’t even raise my eyebrow. If you tell us how you did it, list your levels before and after your fix, and how your remedy is still working for you now, I’d be more apt to take you seriously. You comment lacks any real advice, much less a path to correcting estro dominance. You should have just said “the author is guy, so don’t listen to him”. It would have been more to your point. While you’re at it, attach your before and after photos… don’t get butt hurt, that was my GF’s suggestion.

    I’d like to know more about your MDs method and the supplements he/she Rx’ed for you. I mean, you did post to my blog and state my suggestions are wrong… at least provide a solid suggestion of your own aside from just going to an MD and getting a saliva test done. I’m sure doing those two things alone will not fix estro-dom.

    Now I’d like to point out that there is absolutely NOTHING delicate about a woman’s anything… much less her endocrine system. A woman, and all her systems are some of the most resilient things on this planet. They are designed to support the survival of the species. That bullsh*t that a woman is soft and tender is part of the reason so many ladies have estrogen dominance. If a woman’s endocrine system was so delicate, we could affect change on it almost immediately. We cannot… it takes years to damage it and it takes time to fix it.

    As far as diagnosing estro dominance, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… well, it is.. Estrogen dominance shows in body fat storage, no MD (naturalist or not) disputes that. Saliva tests can be helpful… but in estrogen’s case, a saliva test usually confirms what is already visible and discernable with a quick client interview. Though saliva tests are not 100%, you are correct when you say they are good in testing estrogen. If you don’t trust a BioSig Practitioner’s opinion on the body fat thing, I can tell you all…. every single woman I’ve said is estrogen dominant that had saliva tests done was exactly what I said.

    Not to over simplify, but there are only two types of hormone dominance; estrogen and insulin. It is possible to be some of both… Americans have somehow figured out how to be diabetic and estrogen toxic at the same time. But one is always more prevalent.

    Sadly, I know few MDs that suggest sups… they tend to know little about anything that isn’t medicine. They like to put progesterone onboard as the easy fix. Suggesting a women go see “[her] MD” is not really good advice if you do not know her MD and how he/she deals with estrogen dominance… or if the MD knows anything about it in the first place. You don’t really make much sense. Along with your MDs remedies, provide their contact info so our ladies can ask them for a referral in their area or even go see your MD.

    That leads me to your comment that progesterone causes an imbalance in women. That is just not the case. Estrogen and progesterone are antagonistically synergistic, i.e., they are opposites that balance. Progesterone is lowered when estrogen is increased. Since we get so many estrogen-like substances from our environment and the liver and cannot clear them and an abundance of natural estrogen, the levels increase. Progesterone, which is converted to other hormones easily (estrogen cannot be), goes down. So it is better to say high estro lowers progesterone and the imbalance occurs.

    If an MD simply Rx’s progesterone, the environment that caused the increased estro has not been dealt with… so adding progesterone only levels the ratio b/tw the two and makes for high levels of progesterone AND estrogen.