Concurrent Training Supplement Protocol

By t. | In Articles, Nutrition | on October 27, 2013

I get asked what supplementation I’m doing quite a bit.  I change it meet the demands and goals of my training.  Currently, I t._DL_385x50_for timeam trying to match my 1 mile run with my 1 Rep Max Deadlift at 5:30 and 530lbs, but also increase my overall strength base and my short distance (5k) running game.  This supplementation protocol is designed to optimize my recovery by repairing trauma, fueling, and improving my sleep.  Like my food, my supplements are clean and of the best quality.  I am following the current CFW strength cycle, but adding accessory work to address my specific weaknesses.  I run sprints on Monday, a lactate threshold tempo run or row on Wednesdays and a aerobic run or cycle on Saturdays.  Rest days are Thursdays and Sundays.  I am walking around at ~220lbs BW.  My currents are: 1 mile run -5:43, Squat – 445lbs, Bench – 315lbs, Press – 225lbs, Deadlift – 500lbs.

I caution on simply copying my protocol.  I know my needs and have also sat down with other SMEs to get help and guidance.  Nutrition and supplementation is just like training, most of us need a coach.

Here’s what, approximately when and why I take what I take…

*Supplements are Poliquin unless otherwise noted.

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Cheap supplements are a waste of money.

At wake / pre endurance workout (if possible, strength should be done before endurance, but hate lifting in the am)
Alpha GPC x 3 caps – mental acuity and training drive
Yang ALA x 3 caps – mental acuity / fat oxidation / training drive
40 grams BCAAs – fuel and tissue repair
Yin Builder x 3 caps – improve morning cortisol balance
L-Citrulline (*Source Naturals) x 6 grams- helps the body use BCAAs and increases creatine stores, buffers ammonia and lactate
Java Stim x 1-2 caps – training drive

Post endurance workout
48 grams Stronger Faster Healthier Pure – recovery
UberZinc x 3 caps – CNS function
UberMag x 1 cap – replenish used Mb
Uber C x 3 caps – manage post workout cortisol increase
Taurine x 2,000mg – recovery

Breakfast #1 ~8:00am
EPA/DHA 720 x 6 caps –  reduce inflammation / recovery

Breakfast #2 ~11:00am
30 grams SFH Pure – recovery / fuel
EPA/DHA 720 x reduce inflammation / recovery

Lunch #1 ~1:00pm
EPA/DHA 720 x 8 caps
Uber Zinc x 3 caps
Sinew Plex x caps – tendon health
Uber C x 3 caps – manage cortisol

Pre Strength / Heavy Conditioning Workout ~45minutes pre workout
Alpha GPC x 4 caps – mental acuity and training drive
Yang ALA x 4 caps – mental acuity / fat oxidation / training drive
20 grams BCAAs – fuel and tissue repair
Yin Builder x 3 caps – improve morning cortisol balance
L-Citrulline (*Source Naturals) x 6 grams- increases BCAA use and increases creatine stores, buffers ammonia and lactate
Java Stim x 1-2 caps – training drive

Post Workout – Immediately after workout!
20 grams BCAAs – recovery /repair
Creatine HCL (ProMera Con-Cret)- 2 grams
Uber Mag x 3 caps –  replenish used Mg, calm the CNS, and begin recovery
Uber C x 3 caps – recovery / manage cortisol / eliminate caffeine
Taurine x 2,000mg – recovery / settles the CNS / eliminate caffeine

Post Workout #2:  10/20 minutes after workout
SFH Pure – 48 grams

Dinner ~ 8pm
EPA/DHA 720 x 8 caps
Sinew Plex x 3 caps

Bedtime 9:30-10:00pm
ZenMag x 3 caps – sleep and CNS recovery
L-Tryptophan (Vitamin Shoppe brand 1,000mg caps) x 2-4 caps – sleep
This is also when I eat carbs and/or drink milk (whole organic) if I need to…  recovery and sleep.

Monday and Friday
D3 Excellence – 50,000iu

If I wake in the middle of the night (12am-4am) to use to the bathroom or just because I’m hungry, I’ll hammer 20-30 grams of SFH Pure mixed in milk to fill the fasting gap with aminos and protein.

It looks complicated, but it isn’t…  most of my meals are the same and there are two pre and two post workouts that are nearly the same also.  Supplementing isn’t that difficult to keep up with once it becomes habit.

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4 Comments to "Concurrent Training Supplement Protocol"

  • Brock Wilson says:

    October 28, 2013 at 5:05 am -

    Tony, interesting info. Thanks for the specificity. Question: The Taurine and Uber c are being used to “Eliminate Caffeine”. To what end/why is that desireable? Thanks in advance. PS- Great Shoulder press. Beyond Bodyweight is impressive!

  • t. says:

    October 28, 2013 at 10:48 am -

    Barely above BW! hahaha. I thought running was supposed to make us skinny!!!! Somehow I’ve gained almost 10 pounds since starting all this running stuff. Oh yeah… maybe if I lift heavy I won’t wither away like all the lifters and Strength and (lack of) Conditioning coaches say. I’ve a tear in my right labrum and it hurts to press, but I am starting to get some decent weight overhead again.

    Sorry… I digress. Caffeine increases cortisol, stresses the adrenals and obviously keep us from a good night’s sleep. So post evening workout, when cortisol is already jacked up, I don’t want any caffeine sticking around to further that and inhibit my recovery efforts. Nor do I want it to interfere with my sleep. The taurine and Vitamin C clear the caffeine and let the Mg go to work calming the CNS. It happens pretty quickly after you take it.. 20-30 minutes. You can typically feel the “down” when it happens… your body relaxes and your brain calms.

    I take what many think is a lot caffeine before lifting… 675-900mg (1 JavaStim = 225mg), but if we consider it takes 3 mg per 1lbs of BW to get an actual physical performance increase, it really isn’t that much.
    I don’t recommend, actually I STRONGLY DO NOT recommend, that much for a CrossFit workout… or any other workout that gets the heart rate up over 80%. Take that to heart (no pun intended) if you are not accustomed to taking that much caffeine… work your way up. I would only take that much caffeine by way of JavaStim. It also contains Tyrosine and Phenylalanine so you don’t get the common side effects, jitters, and crash typically associated with large dosages of caffeine.

    NOTE: Do not even try to take that much caffeine via an energy drink!! Not one energy drink on the market is much better than a Mt.Dew. A quick look at a Monster’s or Bull’s ingredients says stay away from them.

    The elevated cortisol and adrenal stress is why I preach no caffeine post workout… even and especially for the folks who train in the AM. So for those who leave the gym and head over to SB and get their fru fru lattes, they should reconsider… it is reducing their gains and stifling their results.

  • Matt says:

    October 28, 2013 at 1:13 pm -

    Thanks for the post, I had asked you about this last week. Another question, it seems like a lot of the people here swear by the sfh products. I am currently using progenex cocoon and recovery. I have been sticking with it recently mainly because cocoon guarantees great sleep for me. Are there benefits to sfh in comparison to progenex?

  • t. says:

    October 28, 2013 at 2:26 pm -

    SFH makes some of the cleanest products. Progenex, not so much. Their ingredients are less than stellar… to say the least. I just looked at the Cocoon for the first time… It has only 23grams of protein per two scoops. That’s weak. They are still on the “slow digesting/nighttime use” of casein protein… no reason to pay that much for that little of a lesser quality protein. Add fish oil to when and it will slow its digestion/absorption rate.

    I can’t find how much tryptophan is in each serving. I doubt it is anywhere near the 2-3 grams that you need to get the benefits from.

    I’d just stick with a whey (SFH is hard to beat) and add fish oil, tryptophan and ZenMag… nite, nite.