Better Brain Function and Training Drive

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Caffeine is America’s go to pick me up for when we are feeling drowsy.  54% of Americans drink coffee and more than half of them drink more than 3brain on fire  12 oz cups of the stuff per day and over 60% say the need coffee to “feel like themselves”.  The last one is a little disturbing.  It sounds a bit like an addiction thing.  Now that is just coffee.  What about all the energy drinks and supplements that contain, in many cases, more caffeine than coffee?

A couple of years ago, BioSignature Practicioner Jared Olsen turned me onto a protocol for that was supposed to increase my congnition.  He said it would not only replace my coffee, but help me focus and eliminate that “foggy” feeling we sometimes get during the late morning and mid afternoon hours.  He also said if I take it pre workout, I’d have better training drive.

I was skeptical.  I suffered a head injury that really rattled my noggin the year before.  I’d struggled with some short term memory loss, insomnia and some frustration with really not feeling as smart as I was before I bumped my head.  Mind you, I was never a genius, so I really could not afford to lose lose what IQ I had.

CFW at the 2010 CrossFit Games

CFW at the 2010 CrossFit Games

While I was waiting for my new “magical” protocol arrive (like I said, I was skeptical), I did my research.  Come to find out, the protocol was legit and all the ingredients had been shown to increase cognition.  They did so by replacing deficiencies in our diet and by providing the fuels our brains prefer to use for the work it does.  It supports the neurotransmitters dopamine and dopamine, norepinephrine and GABA.  So while it increases focus while we are awake, it sets us up for a good night of rest.  It increases Growth Hormone too.  No need to explain the benefits there.

The first morning I took the protocol I did not finish my first cup of coffee.  Within half an hour I was bouncing around and excited.  I was excited because I really felt like my old self again.  I had no foggy feeling and I could focus.

Since, I’ve suggested this “cognitive protocol” to many folks and all report back an increase in focus throughout the day.  One of my friends said “It’s like being Rainman… I’m reading books while listening to audio books”.  I think so much of this protocol I suggest it to my SOF Brothers (I just copied this article and emailed to a former CFW member who’s now a SEAL) while overseas.  Traditionally our community has relied on stimulants to stay awake and alert on extended missions.  My guys report not needing any uppers even when they’ve been up for more than 48 hours to think clearly.Mere

For the average person, this protocol will help you focus and get off the caffeine.  Too much caffeine can lead to adrenal fatigue and elevated cortisol among other things.  For the athlete, this protocol will give you more drive during your workouts without the stimulatory effects of caffeine.  In other words, CrossFitters, your heart rate will be in relation to your work level, not your caffeine intake.  It makes for a more efficient workout and therefore better times.

It also frees up your receptors and the next time you do use caffeine (1 rep max day maybe), less will work more.

So what is the protocol?

Alpha GPC, L-Carnitine, ALA, and Phosphatidyl Serine.  Since I’ve added Ginko and Gotu Kolu, two herbs known in increase cognition.  I originally took all these separately, but Poliquin produced Ultra Brain Force and Focused Response.  Between the two, they have all the protocol.  It makes it easy.

I’ve gone back to taking them separately, only because I like to be able to up or down my dosage of each ingredient.

Dosages vary per person so I can’t responsibly post a dosage.  A BioSig consult with one of our Practicioners (Cody, Melissa, or myself) where we line out your goals and cross reference your lifestyle, sleep, diet, and training is the best way to figure what will work best for you.

If you are the hard headed, DIY type, and can’t see the need to do a BioSig consult, then get the Ultra Brain Force and Focused Response.  Start with a 1 scoop of the first and 2 caps of the second.

Let me know what you think,

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  • Jana Fogleman says:

    August 26, 2013 at 2:15 pm -

    Great article Tony! I have tried a similar stack that worked quite well… so I am definitely going to try this!