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Either you are on thyroid hormone or you know ten people who are.  These days it seems doctors are handing out prescriptions by thethyroid-gland truckload for Synthroid, Armour, Levothyroxine or one of the other thyroid drugs.  No longer is this a woman’s condition either.  More and more men are being Rx’ed thyroid hormones.   MDs are even giving it to pre-teens now.  We trust our doctors to be informed and knowledgeable, skillful and educated on things so common as low functioning thyroid.  The problem is, it is only thing common is that MDs are writing the scripts…  for meds that once you take them, you take them for the rest of your life.

In most cases, thyroid hormone is Rx’ed without the proper tests.  Worse, many MDs prescribe hormones without doing any labs whatsoever.  While  feeling sluggish, tired, and gaining weight are all signs and symtoms of hypothyroidism, they are also signs and symptoms of poor diet, lack of sleep, alcoholism, stress, depression, and the list goes on.  It takes proper and thorough labs to diagnose a thyroid condition that actually requires hormones.  In my opinion it is malpractice to diagnosis via prescription, in the very least it irresponsible and violates Hippocratic Oath.

There are basically two types of hypothyroidism, when the thyroid gland does not produce the optimal amount of thyroid hormones.  One is a low functioning, or “sick”, thyroid and the other is Hashimoto Thyroiditis, the autoimmune condition where your body attacks the thyroid gland and destroys it.

Many cases of low functioning thyroid can be reversed and have no need for hormone replacement.  With changes to the diet, like adding iodine from butter, salt, or kelp, and to your environment, like eliminating bromine and chlorine, low functioning thyroid can be fixed with no hormones at all.  It takes time and help from an experienced practitioner, but it is not a difficult or even complex thing.

Hashimoto’s is a bit more complex.  Like any autoimmune syndrome, its cause has been linked to wheat and gluten.  Gut health becomes the focus.  The gut is the origin of the immune system, so therefore there has to be a change in diet that supports the immune systems, not inflames it.  Again, an experienced practitioner can help.

Without proper diagnosis, no one can help.  Just throwing a hormone drug at the symptoms is again, irresponsible and not effective.

Educate yourself before taking a drug you will take forever.

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    This article was written by someone who has no clue about this dilemma.

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    Please enlighten…