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By t. | In Articles, Nutrition | on May 3, 2013

Some things are easier to change about ourselves than others.  For some, eating healthy is an ordeal.  Giving up the foods that elicit wash meserotonin and the happy feelings associated with it can seem almost impossible to some folks.  But good news… there are some things you can do that require no more effort on your part or even a change of habit that can make you healthier and maybe even help you lose some fat.

I hope you weren’t thinking I was going to announce a new magic pill or shortcut.  Sorry, there are no shortcuts to fat loss.  What I’m talking about are the products you use to clean with each day.  Whether you are cleaning your counter, toilet, teeth, hair, or your sweaty butt after returning from the gym, there are products available that have no toxic chemicals in them.  Many of the chemicals found in common cleaners, soaps, shampoos and even make up increase estrogen in the body.  They overload the liver and cause an estrogen dominance in the body.  Obviously, females are most susceptible and they show it by storing fat below the waste and on the thighs and bottom.  Guys, you’re not off the hook…  if you are in need of a training bra because you are developing manboobs, you can benefit from using clean products too.

In many cases, the cleaners we use do worse than just increase our (xeno)estrogen levels.  Most household cleaners are poisonous.  Even in trace amounts they cause damage to your cells.  Not convinced?  Then I’d like to offer you a sip of Clorox Cleanup.  No takers I’m guessing?

Changing a product does not require any extra effort on your part, only purchasing a different product.  So even if you do not have the fortitude to control what you eat, you can still be a little healthier.  For those of you lean, mean, clean eating, healthy living machines…  these products will further your efforts.

Charlie’s Soap kitchen_and_bath
Detergents and cleaners

Replace all your household and outdoor cleaners with their products.
97% Biodegradable is 28 days.  Made of natural and biodegradable ingredients.  Made in North Carolina.



Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap
Body wash and shampoo

You’ll be surprised how much cleaner your skin feels and also how little moisturizer you’ll need.  These soaps do not dry out your skin.  Try the almond…  it smells great.


la tourangelle

La Tourangelle Oils
Use natural oils for your skin moisturizer.  They do a better job than any of the chemical-laden, cancer causing lotions…  and you can cook with or use them for dressings.


Again, if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin.  If you want to know how toxic your skin care products and makeup are, go sdlogo2012_03to The Environmental Working Group’s website:  Search the product name and you’ll see how it rates.  Don’t think your product is clean because it is expensive and comes from one of the trendy stores like Ulta.  Typically, the expensive brands are some of the most toxic.

Skeptical these products can’t beat yours?  All you have to do is try them.  All you have to risk is cleaner skin, better hair, and a lowered risk of cancer.


2 Comments to "Clean Yourself Up"

  • Kelly Lehman says:

    May 3, 2013 at 7:54 pm -

    I have become quite obsessed with the ewg website, and I can’t believe how many of the products/brands I thought were safe are not. It was eye opening to realize how deceptive marketing can be. Definitely recommend checking out the site, and I hope you haven’t been poisoning yourself as much I have! Scary stuff.

  • Whitney Ross Gray says:

    May 3, 2013 at 9:45 pm -

    Nature’s Way goat farm in Hampstead sells a moisturizer that has completely replaced my face lotion and body lotion. It’s made of mainly coconut oil with some almond oil, beeswax, and a couple of other things that are totally natural. There’s lavender or unscented. Yes, you could make it yourself but who has time for that? And she’s got the ratios down perfectly. They sell it at the riverfront farmers market on Saturday’s. You can also get raw goats milk from them. I think they keep a billy boat in the pen so it’s pretty rank, but if you’re looking for raw dairy…