Limiting Your Exposure to Toxic Compounds Will Improve Your Health, Body Composition, and Cognition

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Our world and lives are chocked full of poisonous compounds that overload the body’s ability to function correctly.  Most of these compounds are man made.  When we ingest them, by way of pesticides on our fruits and veggies, hormones in meat, our food’s contact with plastics, and harmful cosmetics (especially body lotions), our bodies has no way of  metabolizing and disposing them properly.

The liver does our body’s dirtiest of jobs filtering unwanted toxins and wastes.  Since our bodies are unable to and have not evolved to deal with synthetic compounds, they build up in our tissues and organs ultimately causing serious health problems.

Once levels of harmful compounds reach toxic levels they can actually be seen on the outside of person.  The skin can be flushed or grayish in color.  The hair can become brittle and damaged looking.  While the body tries to rid itself of these toxins, the immune system becomes chronically overworked creating an environment ready for illness.  The inflammation caused interferes with our brain’s ability to function optimally.  It creates that sense of “fogginess” we all pound coffee or worse, energy drinks, to rid ourselves of.  But the most obvious and wide manifestation of this type of toxicity is fat storage below the waste.  If you of someone you know is disproportionately storing fat below the waste, they are most likely already toxic.

These persons typically have very low testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1, and thyroid production.  They have high levels of inflammatory makers and more times than not, are insulin resistant (pre-diabetic).

The bottom line…  remove these chemicals and compounds from your life and body to be healthier, leaner, and smarter.  You’ll make faster gains in the gym and won’t have to worry with that unsightly cottage cheese look Americans have made so popular.



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  • Fletcher says:

    November 19, 2012 at 10:40 am -

    For someone who is very toxic, be sure to use the infrared sauna often to rid the body of toxins!
    This makes me think of the 1984 movie The Toxic Avenger! Cool movie, but a horrible condition haha