10 Reasons to Train at CrossFit Wilmington / Wilmington Strength & Conditioning

By t. | In Articles, Nutrition, Training | on November 10, 2012

10 Reasons to Train at CFW and WSC

#1: Results

Each and every member of CrossFit Wilmington and Wilmington Strength & Conditioning can give you their personal testimony as to how our programs have changed their lives for the better. Those results will range from decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, strength, stamina, flexibility, overall well-being, and many more.  The most important result is our programs will change your lifestyle forever.

#2: Instructors

The quality of instruction and knowledge base of CFW and WSC trainers is second to none. They are comprised of a diverse group, each with specific persona and qualities and deliver the best instruction day in and day out. They include CrossFit Games competitors, USA Weightlifting Champions, former Special Forces Instructors, MMA fighters, and Poliquin PICP certified instructors. Most of our instructors have college degrees in subjects such as Exercise Science, Psychology, Business, and Accounting.  We also have a Chiropractor, Dr. Eric McGraw, on our training staff.  CFW and WSC instructors all practice what they preach.  Their experience, professionalism, and expertise help shape our clients into being the fittest and strongest people in Wilmington. To view instructor bio’s please visit our instructor pages for CFW and WSC.

#3: Community

Have you ever walked into a gym and felt like you did not matter?  Were the trainers there only available if you pay for personal training?  Or was it worse… the trainers only paid attention to the more fit member?  Did other members keep to themselves?  Sadly, that is how it is in most gyms.  It is not the case at our facility.  CFW/WSC instructors and members make you feel welcome from the first time you step foot into the gym.  You’ll get to know your instructors and fellow members and create new friendships founded on like interests in fitness.  CFW / WSC is the place to workout with a group of people who will encourage you and provide a high energy atmosphere for your workouts each day.

#4: Diverse and Professional Network of Clients

CFW and WSC is open to any person looking for a better exercise program and facility to train. Our members and instructors consist of a uniquely diverse group of professionals including Doctors, Lawyers, Chiropractors, Accountants, Law Enforcement, Military, Fire-fighters, Professors, students and many more. We all know how important networking is these days and besides, wouldn’t you rather surround yourself with motivated, successful people?

#5: Accessible Information and Products

Our facility offers an enormous knowledge base of valuable information.  We routinely present articles, seminars, and consulting on nutrition, better sleep and other health topics. Our website, followed by over 6,000 unique viewers each month, is constantly updated with new articles and tips.  Our dedication to our website alone sets CFW apart from the other gyms in Wilmington.

We also offer the highest quality dietary supplements available.  Poliquin Brand and Stronger Faster Healthier (SFH) Supplements are available at CFW / WSC.  Poliquin and SFH are among the highest quality supplements in the world.  We will not sell supplements that are not clean and devoid of unhealthy ingredients.

As a sort of “icing on the cake”, CFW / WSC has partnered with Custom Fit Meals to provide an easy, convenient, and affordable way to eat nutritious meals.  With Custom Fit, you simply order your meals online each week and they are delivered fresh to the gym twice a week.

#6: Specialty Classes and Programming

Now we are not only one of the most successful CrossFits in the world, but we have a dedicated strength and conditioning program in Wilmington Strength & Conditioning.  We have the most accomplished Olympic Weightlifting Program in Wilmington and have recently added a Powerlifting Program.

In addition to hosting CrossFit certifications, CFW routinely hosts seminars and clinics by experts in specific sports.  Coach Chris Wilkes and his sons have presented Olympic Lifting seminars at our facility many times aiding in the development of our weightlifting program . The Pose Running Clinic taught by Ed Bugarin has helped many of our members become more efficient runners. Professional Powerlifter, Will Kuenzel, has provided top-notch instruction on improving the lifts . The CFW Nutrition Classes are offered quarterly to give clients an in-depth guide to making healthier food choices by dispelling popular diet myths and understanding the countless benefits of proper nutrition. CFW also offers Kettlebell Classes, Concept 2 Rower Classes, and many more..

#7:Personal Training

CFW and WSC both offer personal training sessions to help clients reach their goals.  The One-on-One personal instruction cost vs. benefit is by far the best in town.  For a fraction of the cost of personal training at other gyms in town, you will receive far better results.  We guarantee it!  Your personal trainer will begin with an initial evaluation and strength assessment.  He or she will then design a program that will best meet your goals and improve your weaknesses.  If you struggle with motivation or are looking for that extra push, than personal training is right up your alley.

#8: Biosignature Method

CFW and WSC are proud to offer Charles Poliquin’s BioSignature Method.  The BioSignature Method is a proven system we use to create diet and supplement plans to greatly accelerate our clients’ reaching their goals.  With BioSig, CFW/WSC clients experience a huge improvement in their body composition in just a few weeks time.  For more information on the Biosignature Method or to schedule your first consult, contact Cody.

#9: Infrared Sauna

CFW / WSC is the only gym in Wilmington to include access to an infrared sauna with their memberships. The full advantage of the detoxification and immune function support the IR Sauna offers is part of our clients’ membership.  The IR Sauna can be used briefly before your warm up to increase blood flow and range of motion and after your workout to detox harmful toxins from your body that we are exposed to on a daily basis.  For more information on the Infrared Sauna and its benefits, read The Benefits of FIR Sauna.

#10: Joro Yoga

Our latest and greatest addition to our center is Joro Yoga.  With Joro Yoga our available programs for health and fitness are all encompassing. This latest addition is a testament of our ongoing effort to create Wilmington’s only world class training center.  The world’s best coaches advocate Yoga for their athletes.  By locating Joro in the same facility as CFW and WSC, our members have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Yoga without leaving the confines of the best training facility in the region.


3 Comments to "10 Reasons to Train at CrossFit Wilmington / Wilmington Strength & Conditioning"

  • Fletcher says:

    November 14, 2012 at 11:06 am -

    This gym is top notch for Crossfit and All forms of strength training.

  • Brock Wilson says:

    November 16, 2012 at 8:48 pm -

    Results are great and all, but the #1 Reason must surely be Ron in Yoga.

  • t. says:

    November 17, 2012 at 1:48 pm -

    97% of the time 78% of the results by 42% of CFW members are because of Ron’s dedication to Yoga… It’s pretty simple. Ron is the process of creating an instructor certification program based around his methods.