Is Your Stress Imaginary?

By Tanner | In Mindset | on August 26, 2012

I hear it all the time…  “I’m sooooo stressed out.”  The part of me that has little tolerance for weakness and people with lack of self-control will inherently attempt to rear its head.  I want to just tell the person to stop being a drama queen and get it together.  I figure if no one has tried to murder you today, it must be a pretty good day.  But I try to be patient and understanding.  I know, after years of habitually stressing out over the smallest things, it is not a simple thing to just stop. It should be.  However, a person who has made it a habit to “stress out” over little things must have a large amount of self discipline to change.  Typically, that person does not. In recentweeks I’ve had a couple of college kids tell me how stressed out they were.  Their horrible stress centered around registering for classes, not having enough money, and having to work. At the end of day, who really cares about or takes seriously the young, spoiled members of Generation Y, right?  The problem is, this behavior isn’t only relegated to Gen Y.  I hear from weak minded souls of all ages.  It has become a part of our culture.  It is almost a twisted competition of sorts.  Friends get together and go on and on about how “stressed out” they are.  The winner is the one who has the most bad things piling up and adversely affecting their lives.  But the winner only gets a ticket to stress related sicknesses.

Words have meaning and in our brains, the way we perceive that meaning cause reactions in our brains and bodies.  If you tell yourself you are stressed out, you not only will be, but your body will produce hormones to deal with your stress.  Since your “stress” is self imagined / self created, it is a false stress.  So now your body is reacting to a falsehood in a VERY real way.  Chronically elevated stress hormones lead to decreases in all the hormones you would like to have elevated.  So now you’ve two choices…  fix it or head to the doctor for a Rx for Xanex, Zoloft, and Prozac (or whatever the latest anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drugs are).  They are a false solution to a real problem caused by a false stimulus. Legal disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and I do not recommend you drop your drama meds without talking to the MD who gave you the script for them without actually talking to you about lifestyle and behavioral changes before they gave you addictive medications. The best way to avoid wallowing in the stress that comes from self created drama is to deal with the false stimulus.  You must create habits that disallow that type of thought.  Simply, start thinking positively and stop thinking negatively.  There are many books written on the subject.  While most are the hippy, liberal self-help type, they all contain this simple message: stop being weak minded.  I know they don’t say it in my delicate manner, but in the end, it is the only answer. Read the articles below and book beside for a much better understanding of stress and how it affects us. -t.


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